Milan, seizures of over 3 million from an entrepreneur already convicted of bankruptcy

MILAN The military of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Milan carried out a preventive seizure ordered by the Court of Milan – Autonomous Section of Prevention Measures – on a compendium of assets worth over 3 million euros, including financial resources , 11 properties and 30 lands located in
province of Novara and Catanzaro, against an Italian citizen delegated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office.
The investigation arises from the enhancement of investigative findings collected at the outcome of complex economic-financial investigations, conducted in the context of various criminal proceedings, by the military of the Economic-Financial Police Units of Milan and Imperia, against an operating entrepreneur in the distribution sector, already convicted with final sentences for fraudulent bankruptcy crimes, a total of fifteen years and three months of imprisonment by the Courts of Milan, Monza and Imperia.
In particular, the patrimonial investigations carried out by the financiers of the Gico – Organized Crime Investigation Group of the Pef Unit of Milan, pursuant to the anti-mafia legislation, made it possible to reveal how the proposed 1983 to 2018, has made large investments in real estate directly or through his family for amounts disproportionate to the declared income.
The application of the asset prevention measure was ordered following the outcome of complex investigations, which required, among other things, the execution of detailed bank investigations, aimed at ascertaining the origin of the funds used, as well as the analysis of extensive accounting and corporate documentation referring to all the legal entities involved, in order to reconstruct the operations underlying the real estate and financial investments conducted by the proposed also through formal holders.
The activity carried out confirms the role of the Guardia di Finanza as an Italian police force with general competence in economic and financial matters, equipped with the necessary skills to conduct a qualified patrimonial assault on all forms of organized and common crime.


Milan seizures million entrepreneur convicted bankruptcy

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