“The time has come, even we mayors among the great voters” – Corriere.it

“The time has come, even we mayors among the great voters” – Corriere.it
“The time has come, even we mayors among the great voters” – Corriere.it
from Monica Guerzoni

The proposal of the president of the ANCI: the Regions perform an act of courage

The mayors of the main Italian cities among the 1,009 major electors of the President of the Republic. It is the proposal of Antonio Decaro , mayor of Bari and president of ANCI, as an “act of attention and institutional courage on the part of the presidents of the regions”.

Do the mayors feel cut off from choosing the next tenant of the Colle?

“In this particular moment it would be important, although numerically irrelevant, to evoke at least on a symbolic level that the Republic is made up of Municipalities, Provinces, Metropolitan Cities, Regions and the State. Article 114 of the Constitution says so, so there would be no need for long and complex procedures to reform the Charter ».

You wouldn’t touch the ball. Why do you care so much?
“It is not a mere claim. In the extraordinarily difficult period of the pandemic, mayors have made a fundamental contribution to keeping communities together. Participation in the highest electoral college in the Republic would be a great sign from a social, political and institutional point of view. Beyond the real possibility of making an impact ».

Basically what should the “governors do?”
“The Constitution only says that” three delegates from each Region, elected by the Regional Council, participate in the election. ” For the rest he left everything to jurisprudence and customs. It would be nice if we innovated the practice by opening up to a representation of the 8,000 municipalities, while respecting minorities as the Constitution asks us ”.

Would you vote for Draghi?

«I Draghi see him well as Prime Minister. Its authority serves this country, it allowed us to complete the vaccination campaign and quickly activate the funds of the NRP. Bonomi called him the man of necessity. For us mayors, who are the lieutenants of the government, Draghi is the man of opportunity ».

So, what are you staying in Chigi?
“If he becomes president of the Republic we lose him as prime minister, but he would be absolutely reliable and authoritative even at Colle”.

What do you think of Giorgetti, who wants Draghi al Colle to establish a «de facto semi-presidentialism
“Our Constitution does not provide for it.”

The idea of ​​an encore of Mattarella for a year?
“It would be ideal to allow Draghi to remain in government. But even this possibility, which would also be an absolute guarantee for Italy, is not foreseen by our Charter. The head of state is elected to remain in office for seven years and President Mattarella is very respectful of the Constitution ».

Could it be that the Democratic Party wants Draghi to Chigi to favor the election of Gentiloni, Prodi, Veltroni or Franceschini to the Quirinale?
“It is certainly not for this reason that I would like Draghi to remain in government, but for his reliability.”

November 3, 2021 (change November 3, 2021 | 00:20)


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