Unknown soldier, the “Hero’s” Train arrived at Rome Termini – Corriere.it

Unknown soldier, the “Hero’s” Train arrived at Rome Termini – Corriere.it
Unknown soldier, the “Hero’s” Train arrived at Rome Termini – Corriere.it

The capital lives on the story of the Unknown Soldier. The train of the hero, re-enactment of the one that drove the body of the Unknown Soldier from Aquileia to Rome exactly one hundred years ago, in 1921, arrived this morning amid applause at Termini station of Rome, welcomed among others by the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, by the Minister of Youth Policies Fabiana Dadone, by the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini and by the CEO of FS Luigi Ferraris.

The reminiscent trip, organized by the Ministry of Defense in collaboration with the Ferrovie dello Stato Group, commemorates the centenary of the Special Train of the Unknown Soldier from Aquileia to Rome, when the transfer of the body was promoted by Parliament after the conclusion of the First World War. At the time the event involved all the Italians who flocked to greet and honor the body of the Unknown Soldier, symbol of all the fallen: the train then stopped in more than a hundred cities and towns while on today’s route, which started last October 29, for technical and safety reasons, it stopped only in some cities, essentially respecting the original route.

The one for national unity, the CEO Luigi Ferraris said during the commemoration ceremony, was an extraordinary commitment of men and means and for this reason that the commemoration and the revival one hundred years after the journey of the Milite Ignoto not only an act of extreme evocative power but a way of reiterating how Ferrovie dello Stato and the history of Italy go side by side. One of the objectives of the Italian State Railways, Ferraris recalled, was always that of reconversion of territories and the recomposition of the bonds of identity. The unification of Italy became real as the real country was connected. Since united Italy, the railways have always played an active role in great misfortunes and moments of national unity. The train in its transit throughout the country.

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Unknown soldier Heros Train arrived Rome Termini Corriereit

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