Contact Italia, who “supports” photovoltaics? Behind the scenes of a sector in turmoil

Contact Italia, who “supports” photovoltaics? Behind the scenes of a sector in turmoil
Contact Italia, who “supports” photovoltaics? Behind the scenes of a sector in turmoil

Installers and distributors are constantly followed by the internal technical team: a great added value

A history as protagonists in the civil and industrial plant engineering sector, thanks to a propensity to evolve that shows no sign of failing. Contact Italy has represented this since 1996, when it was born as a spin-off of a company operating in the electrical sector since 1933. From these roots the electrical division of the Altamura (Bari) company was born, with the core business dedicating an entire plant to the design of components for connection, distribution, fixing and electrical insulation. From here we arrive at 2007, the year in which the expansion takes place with the integration of the solar division and the creation of a team engaged in the engineering of fixing systems for photovoltaic systems.

These are therefore the two souls of Contact Italia today, but as already mentioned, the growth in terms of quantities and services aimed at customers. Between the increase and specialization of the staff, and the focus on increasingly customized products on the needs to be applied on industrial, commercial and civil buildings, is the CEO Pietro Antonio Maggi to explain the path traced by the company for the near future.

The approach
The consolidated basis from which Contact Italia starts sees it put in the first place the use of resistant and top quality raw materials, especially aluminum and stainless steel subjected to important stress tests. These are aimed at verifying its load capacity, durability over time and resistance to atmospheric agents such as wind.

“The attention we pay to guarantee high quality standards is always appreciated by customers”, says Pietro Antonio Maggi. Our approach is based on guaranteeing maximum peace of mind to the customer, as well as constant support for which we are expanding as staff and structures “.

The historical phase that Contact Italia is experiencing sees it engaged, especially for the solar division, in further enhancing a 360-degree consultancy service on everything related to the design and supply of structures for photovoltaic systems, sharing technical knowledge with installers and distributors. The support service provided consists of dedicated assistance offered by the internal technical-commercial office, focused on guiding the choice of the most suitable product with respect to the plant being designed.

Thanks to efforts aimed at being the ideal partner for each customer, the Altamura-based company has given life to an approach that represents great added value in this sector, especially in a period in which even incentives like Superbonus 110% have given further life to the photovoltaic market.

The working method and the internal structure therefore allows it to give specific guarantees: of performance and durability of the product on the one hand, and of valid customer assistance on the other. And as mentioned, even the structures the company is equipping itself with are subject to investments, always in the name of the best assistance to commercial partners. In this sense, the warehouse is expanded, to store more products and guarantee certain and restricted delivery times to affiliated agencies and distributors.


Since 2007 focus on renewable energies
Contact Italia’s solar division was founded in 2007 on the basis of a solid background in the electricity sector, combined with the intuition of investing in renewable energy with the creation of structures for photovoltaic systems. The key values ​​of the division are the drive towards constant evolution, and the attention to the use of quality raw materials. The standards of the structures, always made of aluminum and stainless steel, are the source of a double guarantee: on the one hand the safety and stability of the system even in extreme conditions, on the other hand the simplification of transport and installation.

Electrical division

A vast catalog of components
The electrical division, the original core business of Contact Italia, is specialized in the production and distribution of cable connection systems (terminals and connectors), distribution (supports, bottom insulators, sheaths) of systems for electrical insulation (joints, gels). and resins) and connection elements for electrical systems (probes, clamps, tapes) for both civil and industrial use. A company branch that has given the impetus for the success of this reality, and in this context the numbers speak for themselves, thanks to a production that stands at 20 million components every year.


A section of the website at the service of designers
The consulting activity implemented by Contact Italia is even more enhanced by a function recently added on the company’s website. This is the configurator, thanks to which the designer is given the possibility of having a photovoltaic system sizing, so that he can know in advance the component requirements for a given project. All for a shared and wide-ranging vision, which arises from the awareness that the mounting system of a photovoltaic system deserves suitable support for the professional who is designing it.


Weights for structures, safe and easy to lay
In the vast catalog of products supplied by Contact Italia, the one on which the company is focusing particularly is the ballast. These devices are in fact at the center of huge investments in terms of research and development, for which the company department in charge has found solutions suitable for multiple needs. The objectives thus achieved therefore concern the reduction of installation times, and the guarantee of maximum safety in terms of stability and sealing. Created with an exclusive design, the ballasts are equipped with integrated elements and accessories, such as the grooved base, which greatly facilitate the work of installation.

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