Milan, steals a computer and two phones and escapes with a scooter: arrested 21 years old

He breaks a shop window, steals a computer and two phones and then escape aboard a scooter. A 21-year-old Albanian, with precedent, was arrested in Milan.

The boy on Saturday morning, October 30, tried to rob a shop in avenue Lunigiana. According to the first reconstructions, it seems that the 21-year-old, armed with a cane, first broke the shop window and then, after grabbing a computer and two mobile phones, tried to escape with scooter.

The arrest

All useless though. In fact, someone saw the boy and called 112. The agents, who arrived shortly afterwards, immediately identified the 21-year-old on the run with a scooter.

The first reconstruction

Tells Milano Today:

“It was about twenty minutes to nine when a call to 112 warned of the intrusion. A man, later identified as a 21-year-old Albanian with some background, had broken a shop window with a stick and had taken away a computer and two phones before escaping aboard a scooter.

Police officers arrived on the scene and identified and blocked him. The 21-year-old tried to free himself by injuring a policeman in his left hand: he will have it for seven days. The young man was arrested for robbery ”.


Milan steals computer phones escapes scooter arrested years

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