Italy Third World of Culture? The Corriere does not respond and La Scala writes to Mattarella

“And, since since Courier service I didn’t get any response, I sent the same letter, obviously addressed in a different way, to the President of the Republic! ”. It would seem a justification but, in fact, it is a media sos of those who cannot explain (bend?) (Al) the harsh (inexplicable?) Laws that preside over the priorities of the news in the newspapers. Who launches it, putting his name and face on it, is Danilo Rossi, Prima viola Soloist Orchestra at the Scala in Milan, who in the first instance sent his message to the journalist Aldo Cazzullo of Corriere della Sera.
Faced with the failure (so far) to reply, Rossi does not lose heart; leave the bow for a moment and hold the pen, change the address, the premise and the greetings, and send everything else, without changing a comma, to the President of the Republic, with a title that has nothing to claim, but, it is very evocative: “ART IS LIFE!”.
“Dear President,” writes Danilo Rossi “after a summer full of sporting laurels, medals, European championships won, autumn is the period of the great international music competitions.
At the Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw Italy obtained the fifth prize with Leonora Armellini, 29 years old and the second prize with Alexander Gadjiev 27 years old.
At the Paganini violin competition in Genoa, on the other hand, Italy with Giuseppe Gibboni 20 years old won the First Prize, something that hadn’t happened for 24 years. In no national newspaper and no national TV has this news been given ”, is the bitter observation.
“Furthermore” continues the musician “no politician with important institutional roles, from culture to school to university, has talked about it. I understand that the winners of various medals, Olympic or tournament, from tennis to volleyball, are invited by the Prime Minister or even by the President of the Republic ”.
“Culture in the first place?” Danilo Rossi asks himself. “If this were really so, these extraordinary young people would be in all the newspapers and on all television stations and would have already been invited by the highest officials of the state. But none of this happened. So are we actually the third cultural world?
Ps. I also add that a few days ago the Byzantine Academy, an Italian ensemble of baroque music, won the prize for the second best orchestra in the world at the Grammys! Again, total silence !.
With unchanged esteem and admiration.
Danilo Rossi, First viola Soloist Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan “. (Aise)


Italy World Culture Corriere respond Scala writes Mattarella

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