Tram: Rome, the tracks give way, collapses on the 19th at Verano

Endless problems at the circulation of trams in Rome.

To tell them by citing the last episode is the Republic.

Around 19:00 on October 31st a tram of the line 19, which was traveling in the direction of Centocelle, has almost “sunk” with all the tracks on the curve of piazzale del Verano, shortly after the intersection with viale Regina Margherita. No damage occurred to people or to the tram, which still remained inside the rails, but only a great fear for the few passengers on board. The Local Police and ATAC technicians immediately intervened on the spot to free the vehicle and carry out the necessary assessments.

Having verified the impracticability of the line, the transport company has forbidden the Porta Maggiore-Risorgimento and Porta Maggiore-Valle Giulia sections to the means of lines 19 and 3, the latter already limited to the Pyramid due to the scarcity of trams available. The replacement shuttles have been activated on the interrupted sections, with all the usual inconveniences of the case.

It is no mystery that the Rome tram network has substantially reached the end of its technical life, continues the newspaper. The network should be urgently renewed, but ATAC does not have the necessary money for the works, even if it would be the municipality’s task to allocate the figures required for extraordinary maintenance. It is still impossible to know when the 3rd and 19th will be restored. November 4 will be the time of the first Capitoline Assembly of the Gualtieri era, the new transport councilor will have the difficult task of putting the city’s trams back in order.

Source la Repubblica


Tram Rome tracks give collapses #19th Verano

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