«In South Tyrol I risk new restrictions» – Corriere.it

«In South Tyrol I risk new restrictions» – Corriere.it
«In South Tyrol I risk new restrictions» – Corriere.it

The national average is over 50 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. Friuli and the Province of Bolzano well over 100, and the governor of South Tyrol Kompatscher evokes a situation similar to that of Austria, where there is talk of greater restrictions. The hospital network keeps: many positives don’t need hospitalization

L’incidence in Italy grows steadily. And in the latest weekly survey, it breaks through 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants: the value, relating to the period 25-31 October, 51.63.

Under the old criteria, many regions would be in the yellow zone.

Ma from July the passage of color depends not only on the incidence, that is on the contagion


That valuemust be combined
with the employment rate in intensive care and non-critical area wards, ie with the effect of the disease on an audience made up largely of vaccinated people.

the critical thresholds are 10 and 15 percent respectively, the current national situation of 4 and 5 per cent. But if this is the Italian average, some
regions have different and above all growing numbers

In part, they coincide with those in which vaccines, essential to contain the serious effects of the disease and therefore the recourse to hospitalization, have reached fewer people.

In the lead, by incidence, there is the Province of Bolzano which has a value almost three times the average of the country:148.7 positives per 100 thousand inhabitants
in that territory. However, the growth is rapid, considering that two weeks ago the incidence was 60.4. In the South Tyrolean province, the data that tell the pressure on hospitals photograph a situation under control, as regards the intensive care: 4% of beds occupied by Covid patients. In the medical area, on the other hand, they are 10%
with a growth of 2 percentage points in the last week.

Covid data in South Tyrol is worsening, said the president of the Province of Bolzano, Arno Kompatscher, and we could soon find ourselves in the conditions of Austria where there is talk of greater restrictions. Unfortunately, the situation is related to that of vaccinations: we have a lower vaccination rate and this corresponds to a higher rate of spread of the infection.

The work of convincing the doubters will also be continued with the informative activity, not only on vaccines, but also on the effects of this greater spread of the contagion. The worst could be changing colors and having to adopt more restrictions. Our situation is similar to that of Austria and Germany where there are less vaccinated than in Italy. And in Austria, new restrictive measures have been decided.

Kompatcher explained that the checks on compliance with the green pass obligation will be strengthened, starting with the Christmas markets which – even if outdoors – can only be visited by showing a valid green pass.

Keeping both criteria together (contagion and recourse to hospitals) under
I also observe the situation in Friuli Venezia Giulia: the incidence of 127.7 positive per 100 thousand inhabitants, and, with a jump of 2% in the last week, it touches the threshold of 10% occupancy of beds in intensive care. Friuli is not yet in the yellow zone because the occupancy of places in ordinary departments is growing, but at 6%, 9 points below the percentage that raises the alarm (15%).

Other major regions also have a higher incidence than the Italian average: the Campania (66.2), the Veneto (65.3), the Lazio (62), the Tuscany (57.6) and theEmilia Romagna (56.9). However, they all still have a good margin with respect to beds. Not so there Calabria, where the incidence 56.7, but the beds in the medical area are already saturated at 11 per cent.

More serene than in the past the situation in Sicily where the incidence 52.8 on one hundred thousand inhabitants, the pressure of Covid at 8% on hospital wards at 4% on resuscitation. Finally, the Province of Trento that,unique together with Friuli, it has all the values ​​growing, both those that measure the infection (61.6), and those that monitor the pressure on hospitals, however still well below the threshold: 2% in the intensive, 4% in the ordinary departments).

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