“Salvini decides between western and drama”

“Salvini decides between western and drama”
“Salvini decides between western and drama”

“The problem is not Giorgetti, who had long ago created his international credibility. The problem is whether Salvini wants to marry a new line or stay out of it. This choice has not yet taken place because, in my opinion, he has not yet interpreted the part to the end. Matteo is used to being a blockbuster in westerns. I proposed that he be a supporting actor in an Oscar-nominated drama. It’s hard to put Bud Spencer and Meryl Streep in the same film. I know what he decided… “. Thus the Minister for Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, interviewed by Bruno Vespa for the book “Why Mussolini ruined Italy (and how Draghi is healing it)” to be released on 4 November by Mondadori Rai Libri.

“If he wants to institutionalize himself definitively, Salvini – insists the executive representative – must make a precise choice. I understand the gratitude towards Le Pen, who welcomed him into his Group ten years ago. But the alliance with the Afd has no reason “. So far the pro-European turn is “unfinished”. The leader of the Northern League “has certainly changed language. But sometimes he says some things and does others. He can do decisive things and he doesn’t do them.”

As for the relations with Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia and the competition with the Lega, “westerns are going out of fashion. In my opinion, they ended up with ‘Dances with wolves’. Now – Giorgetti reiterates – Indians are highly valued in America. natives “.

And again on Salvini: with Matteo “we will continue to work like this” and “maintain a common track as long as the government train travels fast, otherwise we risk ending up on a siding”.


Salvini decides western drama

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