Frosinone, he finds a bear on the balcony: he saves himself by throwing himself below

Frosinone, he finds a bear on the balcony: he saves himself by throwing himself below
Frosinone, he finds a bear on the balcony: he saves himself by throwing himself below

If the great of the Earth, after the G20 in Rome, are now discussing the upheavals of nature in Glasgow, there are those who experience firsthand the changes underway, with the arrival in inhabited centers of animals that normally had their own habitat, away from people’s daily lives. And so in Pescosolido, in the Frosinone area, a couple found themselves face to face with a bear on their balcony. So much fear but no consequences. Instead, it went worse for another couple who were attacked by a deer in Tarvisio. Both spouses are in the hospital.

The man threw himself off the balcony

And therefore, with nature upside down, it can also happen that a bear tries to enter the house. Annalisa Castagna from Pescosolido told it on social media: «My husband and I had a close encounter with the bear. A vis à vis, less than a meter away, separated us from the balcony railing. Hearing some noises coming from the terrace of the bedroom, unwary, unconscious thinking of some malicious person, we went out with the lights of the mobile phones. I practically screamed in the bear’s face: who’s there and in response the bear rubbed me in the face trying to reach me with a paw. My husband, seeing himself being hunted because in the meantime the bear had climbed over, was forced to throw himself down ». A fall, says the woman, which caused minor damage “fortunately”. But the bear also looks like he got scared, and ran away.

Two elderly people injured by a deer

In Tarvisio (Udine) an elderly couple was injured after being attacked by a deer, while they were taking a walk near some houses. The animal, according to the account of some witnesses who witnessed the scene, charged and hit the man and the woman several times, making them also roll along a slight slope. Both wounded suffered serious injuries, especially the woman who was transported by helicopter to the Udine hospital: the man, on the other hand, was transported by ambulance to the hospital in Tolmezzo. The Fire Brigade and the Alpine and Speleological Rescue also intervened on site. Two cases that recall the anomalous invasion of wild boars, from Rome to Turin, and also to Genoa. So far no lethal attacks on humans have been recorded but their presence in inhabited areas remains a risk. According to Coldiretti there are about 10 thousand road accidents a year caused by the crossing of ungulates.

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Frosinone finds bear balcony saves throwing

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