Thus the green pass in Italy risks being extended indefinitely

When the obligation of the green pass to work will end ? “. A question that in Italy could soon become an unanswered question, given that the Government and the highest health authorities are proving very vague on the subject.

At the moment, following the Prime Minister’s Decree of 16 September, up to December 31st it is mandatory to be in possession of the green certificate to be able to access the workplace. This provision is added to the previous ones on transport, events and closed places.

Consequently, at the end of the year the obligation of the green pass in Italy should come to an end, just as it should end state of emergency, but at the moment everything would suggest an obvious extension.

After all, only recently Matteo Salvini expressed the hope that the obligation of the green pass will not be extended, “new Year New Life”Were the words of a great statesman uttered by the former minister, but after all the twists and turns made by the League since it returned to the government, this issue looks more like an electoral slogan than a real request.

Different words were instead those pronounced by Roberto Speranza guest of Half an hour more: “The contagion curve rises. We need the green pass. Extend the state of emergency? We will decide close to the deadline”.

However, the Minister of Health, as well as the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, never answered a simple question: what percentage or index must Italy reach in order to overcome the emergency and the need for the green pass?

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Paradoxically, from 15 October, the date on which the obligation of the green pass to work was triggered, in Italy Covid infections have increased even if the situation is always abundantly under control.

In our country, 10,000 infections in one day have not been exceeded since last May 7, all the while in the rest of Europe, countries such as Germany where there are much less constraints currently travel over 30,000 cases per day.

Also with regard to the vaccines we are among the top of the class: 86% of over 12s have received at least one dose and 83% are fully immunized, with the third dose program also running smoothly.

The extraordinary commissioner Francesco Figliuolo recently indicated the new goal for Italy: to reach the 90% of the vaccine audience fully vaccinated. To hit the target, about 2 million people are missing.

Given the current average rate of 15,000 new first doses per day, without the accelerated one advocated by the Government at the time of the green pass tightening, it will take four and a half months to reach 90%, i.e. we will have to wait half of March.

The issue, however, is not so much the timing, but more what could happen once the target of 90% vaccinated is achieved. Only doctors like Matteo Bassetti or politicians like the Presidents of Friuli Massimiliano Fedriga (Lega) have hoped that, once the threshold is reached, they can the limitations of the green pass no longer apply.

This is a central point that has not been touched upon in the least by Roberto Speranza, with the minister who, on the other hand, hastened to get his hands on the extensions despite the low daily infections and the intensive care, fortunately not crowded.

But if the green pass that is not a health tool and was to serve as a vaccine incentive, fundamentally so far it has failed since the peak of the first doses has not been there, instead the tampons have increased, what sense does it make to speak only of an extension without indicating when the obligation can be overcome?

If in a situation of non-hospital pressure a few more cases are enough to speak of a need to continue with the extraordinary measures, with this principle the green pass could be extended indefinitely distorting it from its original meaning.

Despite the abundance of vaccines and a hospital situation under control for months, in Italy it would not seem to be seen yet light at the end of the tunnel of the emergency.

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