G20, the greats launch the special coin: what it is

A gesture of good omen for the agreements made between the twenty great countries. The world leaders of the G20 gathered at the Trevi Fountain to throw the coin as a propitiatory rite to reach an understanding on the climate and the post-pandemic future, on this second day of the summit in Rome. A custom, like thousands of tourists visit the capital every day. But the one thrown by the “Great” winds of the planet is not just any coin, but rather a coin printed for the occasion (here the in-depth analysis on the structure of the G20).

G20, a special coin launched at the Trevi Fountain: the occasion

Made at the State Printing and Mint Institute and issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the coin was printed specifically to celebrate the importance of the role assumed by Italy. for the first time at the helm of the G20, in front of the international community and has unique characteristics (here we talked about the agreement reached on the climate).

Starting from the face value, not one euro as the appearance might suggest but well 5 euro. The coin minted in 4,000 specimens is “in proof finish” and represents, on the front, an allegorical composition of Italy, the Italian flag and the number “20” in which an olive and oak leaf stand out, surrounded by a ribbon with the words “Italian Republic ”And below, the name of the author“ Colaneri ”.

On the back, however, the logo of the Italian Presidency of the G20, with the year of issue “2020”, in the left field, the acronym “R”, identifying the Mint of Rome, in the circle, the writing “Italian Presidency” and at the bottom, finally, the value “5 euro” .

G20, a special coin thrown at the Trevi Fountain: the rite

Behind the Trevi Fountain, the heads of state and government lent themselves to the toss of the coin: Mario Draghi to act as host next to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the French President Macron and the British Prime Minister Johnson, only the Head of the House will be missing Bianca Joe Biden, perhaps more at ease at mass than grappling with pagan traditions (here all the curiosities about the leaders’ stay in Rome).

A rite that has a very ancient history, a good omen for travels and loves, ingratiating oneself with some water divinity, who would have been at the Trevi Fountain rediscovered in the nineteenth century during the Grand tour of the aristocrats traveling around Europe and filmed in many films of the Italian cinema tradition.

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