rain and strong winds in all regions

rain and strong winds in all regions
rain and strong winds in all regions

Italy in the grip of bad weather. In these hours an Atlantic disturbance is entering the Mediterranean waters. According to 3bMeteo reports, the first rains are found in Liguria, Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and locally in the low Lombard plains but overall they are still weak or mostly moderate. But pay attention to the next few hours when the bad weather will accentuate starting right from the North-West and then also affect the remaining Italian areas.

Bad weather in the next few hours: Atlantic perturbation is coming

An intense Atlantic disturbance will affect our Peninsula for the whole day today, Monday 1 November. Rains and showers will affect all regions starting from the western ones to finish with the eastern ones. Precipitation is expected to hit the eastern Liguria and upper Tuscany more in the afternoon, while in the evening the bad weather will mainly concentrate on the Triveneto. However, the expected accumulations on these areas are not alarming even if given the period there is always an eye to keep an eye open for possible inconvenience and flooding. Snowfall above 1800-1900mt, snow level decreasing up to 1700mt in the evening in the North-East. Temperatures will drop sharply from the evening.

Strong gale force winds

Stormy winds are expected from Tramontana on the Gulf of Genoa, from Mistral on the Strait of Bonifacio, from Scirocco on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, gusts up to 80-90 km / h. Episodes of downburst in the event of severe storms during the passage of the disturbed front are also not excluded. High water expected in Venice.

The forecasts for the next few days

On Tuesday 2 there will be a temporary and short break from bad weather with large spells over most of Italy. Some residual rain in the morning will affect the Triveneto and the Tyrrhenian areas of Calabria. From the evening the clouds return almost everywhere awaiting a new deterioration on Wednesday 3, when other rains and even possible thunderstorms will hit our country, in particular Lazio where stationary phenomena may occur. For all the details go to the Meteo Italy section.

Yellow alert on Campania

The Civil Protection of the Campania Region has issued a new Yellow weather alert valid starting from 6 pm tonight, Monday 1 November, until 9 am tomorrow morning, Tuesday 2 November, on the whole of Campania. Sparse rainfall is expected, including downpours and thunderstorms, locally even intense. Possible gusts of wind in thunderstorms. This weather picture is associated with a possible localized hydrogeological instability with Yellow level criticalities and possible phenomena of impact on the ground such as: – Surface runoffs and possible material transport phenomena; – Possible flooding of underground rooms and those on the ground floor; – Surface flow of water in roadways, possible phenomena of regurgitation of rainwater disposal systems with overflow and involvement of depressed areas; – Raising of the hydrometric levels of watercourses, with flooding of the neighboring areas, also due to local criticalities (filling, narrowing, etc.); – Possible rock falls in several points of the territory; – Occasional landslides linked to particularly fragile hydrogeological conditions. The Civil Protection of the Campania Region recommends to the competent bodies to put in place all the measures to mitigate and contrast the expected phenomena, also in line with the respective municipal plans.

Yellow alert in Lazio

“The Regional Functional Center announces that the Civil Protection Department has issued today the warning of adverse weather conditions with an indication that from the late morning of today, Monday 1 November 2021, and for the following 18 hours scattered rainfall is expected on Lazio, also of a reverse or temporal character with cumulative quantities from weak to punctually moderate ». This was announced in a note by the Civil Protection of Lazio. “The Regional Functional Center carried out the assessment of the Alert / Criticality Levels and therefore forwarded a bulletin with a yellow alert for hydrogeological and hydrogeological criticalities for thunderstorms on all the alert areas of Lazio – underlines – The Permanent Operations Room of the Lazio Region issued the alert of the Regional Civil Protection System and invited all the structures to adopt all the formalities of competence. Finally, it should be remembered that for every emergency the population will be able to refer to the municipal civil protection structures to which the Regional Operations Room will guarantee constant support ».

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