In Novara the No Green passes parade dressed as deportees, Canelli: “Shameful to say the least”

“Comparing an ideological position regarding a vaccine and a green pass to the most tragic page in our history and to people who have been deported, humiliated, tortured, psychologically annihilated and murdered is nothing short of shameful”.

This is the comment of the mayor of Novara Alessandro Canelli on the No Green pass march on Saturday afternoon, in which the demonstrators paraded dressed as deportees to Nazi concentration camps.

The organizer of the march, nurse and trade unionist, suspended by the Fsi-Usae union

“Expressing one’s ideas and thoughts – added Canelli – is not only right, but also a right enshrined in the Constitution. So nothing to say about the possibility of expressing dissent to the Green pass, but there are limits that should never be overcome and above all not through violence. Because this is psychological violence that must be strongly condemned just like physical violence. Whoever wants to demonstrate must first of all show respect for others and for our history “.

Commentary from the local Jewish community

“Among other things in our city – added the mayor of Novara – 90% of people decided to join the vaccination campaign to protect themselves and others. At the demonstration on Saturday there was a small part of that Missing 10% who did not undergo the vaccine for various reasons. We are talking about very low numbers, of a few people who unfortunately, however, brought to our city an unacceptable protest for how it was staged. The demonstrators could not choose worst way to express a position on which one may or may not agree but which should not have become a cause of shame and controversy in our community “.


Novara Green passes parade dressed deportees Canelli Shameful

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