Wave of bad weather over Italy. The snow comes too: that’s where

Wave of bad weather over Italy. The snow comes too: that’s where
Wave of bad weather over Italy. The snow comes too: that’s where

It will be a week of bad weather with widespread rains and thunderstorms but above all a drop in temperatures and the first name on our mountains, from the Alps to the Apennines.

What will happen for All Saints

As we had anticipated in Giornale.it, the “Poppea” disturbance is affecting Italy with its beautiful load of clouds, rain and wind, especially in the western areas (North-West, Tyrrhenian areas) and Sicily, once again hit by frequent rainfall lasting about 24 hours. For today, Italy will be affected by this phase bad weather that it will become less intense only on the Adriatic regions where there is no lack of clouds and weak phenomena. Despite rains and no sunshine, the climate will remain humid but still not cold.

Snow arrives on the Alps and the Apennines

As experts say, if on Tuesday 2 November, dedicated to the Commemoration of the dead, we will have a generalized improvement with more clear skies and few and sporadic rainy phenomena, pay attention to Wednesday when a disturbance arriving directly from Northern Europe will cause intense bad weather in the Center-North with rains and local storms but also a drop in temperatures e snowfall on the mountainous areas: according to the latest updates, the snow will reach up to 1000/1200 meters on the high Lombardy and on all the Dolomite areas (such as Livigno, Madonna di Campiglio, Solda and Cortina d’Ampezzo). Snow will also fall for the whole day of Thursday 4 November. Dama bianca which will also affect the central-northern Apennines but at higher altitudes, around 1800/1900 meters above sea level.

Weather uncertain but improve, this time, in the South and on Sicily that will remain more on the edge of the fulcrum of bad weather even if there will be cloud coverings and scattered rains. Temperatures are expected to be in line with the average values ​​for the period, the colder core will remain confined further north.

The trend for the next few days

If in this first phase the regions most affected by the phenomena will be the central-northern ones, between Friday 5 and Saturday 6 November the bad weather should move to the southern regions and to Sardinia with temporal even of strong intensity alternating with some drier pauses. This will be the prelude to a weekend that is generally uncertain or, in any case, without any high pressure on the horizon. The proof is what the mathematical models on the medium-long term give us: new perturbations and unstable fronts from Monday 8 November that would affect Italy from north to south and from west to east. On the other hand, November is statistically the wettest month for our peninsula, let’s see if this year will respect the “tradition”.



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