Rome-Milan, Caressa behind the scenes on Maresca: the case breaks out!

Another referee fuss arises from the Serie A championship. Another evening postponement and other doubtful cases with related controversies in Rome-Milan. Mourinho in the post game he actually deserted the press conference explaining to the journalists present that he did not want to speak to avoid disqualification but underlined the lack of respect for the Roma fans. Many, not only the Giallorossi, did not like the direction of Maresca. Driving topic of last night’s TV broadcasts starting with the very harsh words spoken by Fabio Caressa to the Club with an attached background that caused an uproar on social media.

Roma-Milan: Caressa on the slow motion episodes

In the usual post-match appointment on Sky Sunday evening, The Club, Fabio Caressa it was very hard on the slow motion episodes that decided the match between Roma and Milan. At 7 ‘the contact in the area between Ibanez and Ibrahimovic which originates the 2-0 penalty at the beginning of the second half: the Roma defender collides with the Swede, the match is there and only after the Roma player manages to touch the ball initially moved by Ibra.

But even more to exasperate the Giallorossi fans and Mourinho is the lack of rigor in the final, on Roma in siege set-up in numerical superiority, there is doubtful contact in the area Kjaer-Pellegrini in which the AC Milan player seems to “kick” the leg of the Giallorossi, an episode that resembles that Dumfries-Alex Sandro in Inter-Juve a week ago always in the final which led to the rigor of Dybala after consulting with the var. Caressa’s line is clear:

“The Var had intervened correctly, light contact and defender touching the ball. There was a very big mistake by the referee, also because he went to see him again. Making a mistake with the Var is an aggravating circumstance. The penalty on Pellegrini is not, but neither is the one on Ibrahimovic ”.

Roma-Milan, Caressa on Maresca: “They didn’t like his direction”

But Fabio Caressa went beyond commenting, even harshly, on the slow motion episodes. He revealed a background always on the referee: “As far as we know, the direction of the referees did not like Maresca’s evening at all: judged insufficient“. And then he added: “It is not clear when the var must intervene and when it must not. Will it be possible that on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or when they want, someone goes to explain why? They should go to Dazn, to Prime, wherever they want, the criterion on the use of the var and on the decisions “.

Caressa’s words about Maresca trigger an uproar

The hardness of Caressa’s intervention on the referee direction of Maresca and the management of the var did not like the many Milan fans who read in those words a downsizing of the Rossoneri’s victory and many put on the plate the alleged Giallorossi faith of the journalist: “Caressa who is delirious at the Club … It’s okay that she is a Romanist, but how many can … she is saying”.

Andrea Vianello on Roma-Milan. Among the many comments also that of the director of Rai News 24: “I am Roman, I have many Roman friends, but many, but to tell about this game of total domination of Milan, ten left after a possible foul immediately, as if it were a robbery is a journalistic shame and a psychoanalytic problem of some fans “


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