Accident on the Ostiense, Alessandro Tavanti died at the age of 24 killed by a hijacker

Alessandro Tavanti, resident of Monteverde, is the latest victim on the streets of Rome. To kill the 24-year-old, after a clash on Via Ostiense, another young man, a 29-year-old boy who until the end tried to divert the investigation. He was the man behind the wheel of the Audi A3 who overwhelmed Alessandro Tavanti’s Honda Sh 1500 scooter, then fled and tracked down to his home in Prati by the local police of Roma Capitale.

The investigators arrived at the 29-year-old through the images of surveillance cameras aimed at via Ostiense, at the height of via di Decima, where the fatal accident had occurred a few hours earlier. A flash investigation that allowed us to trace the hijacker in a few hours.

According to what was reconstructed, Tavanti was on his way to the Center when, according to the reconstruction of the brigade, he was hit by the hit-and-run Audi A3 who then left him on the ground without helping him. It is unclear whether the 24-year-old died shortly after the impact or a few minutes later. Just as it is still to be seen whether the young man, if helped immediately, could have been saved.

Alessandro Tavanti was returning home after spending the evening of Saturday 30 October with some friends. Local police investigations will have to determine if the 29-year-old hit him, didn’t see him, or if there was some risky maneuver by either of them. In addition, it will be necessary to understand whether the boy driving the car was on a cell phone or not. What is certain is that immediately after the impact, instead of rescuing him, he left him on the asphalt and headed towards the Center on foot.

The investigations launched immediately by the White Helmets have made it possible to trace the person responsible and reconnect him to what happened. It was the agents of the I Group Center who went to the home of the 29-year-old, who was arrested. Now he will have to answer for the crimes of escape, wrongful death and road homicide. In the next few hours, moreover, the results of alcohol and toxicological tests are expected, which could further aggravate the position of the 29-year-old.


Accident Ostiense Alessandro Tavanti died age killed hijacker

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