Italy is a wonderful country but the light outside the tunnel is still not visible

Italy is a wonderful country but the light outside the tunnel is still not visible
Italy is a wonderful country but the light outside the tunnel is still not visible

Some say we are emerging from the pandemic and the crisis others believe that we are still in it and that we will remain there for many more years. To try to understand how to hypothesize an immediate future, we started looking, as the most informed and learned, on computer circuits in order to find ideas that can satisfy doubts and misunderstandings.

We believe that every system, procedure or protocol, if well organized, can give the best results without unexpected events and without unpredictability enough to have every procedure correct and established. Where tested procedures and defined protocols are adopted, it is always possible to have a fair result in compliance with the constitutional and moral rules and principles present in a community.

Over the years our State has adopted infinite control procedures and operational protocols in order to guarantee all operational correctness, our Constitutional Principles, our Democratic system, the safety of its citizens and respect for the rights recognized to each individual and to the community, including the health of those who live in our Territory.

Over time and over time, the interventions of planning and ruling have never been lacking in all operational sectors, state, economic, commercial, financial, of the territory and in any sector relating to taxes and duties, safety on roads and on the territory, on the operation of central and peripheral State offices.

There is not a square meter of the territory of our state, sector of the State apparatus or of the operations of private citizens that is not checked and verified for the purposes of any compliance of the same operation with the laws in force.

The question always arises spontaneously without wanting to be provocative.

If we have perfected and refined every forecasting and control technique in all sectors because we are all in a sea of ​​problems and can’t we find a solution to live in compliance with the rules, in common respect and above all to live better?

After all, for those who have had the opportunity to transit on Italian motorways, surely at some point they have had the opportunity to read the signs that reported the words: “You are in a wonderful country“. Spontaneous questions are like problems: they never arise alone.

What does Wonderful mean? Adjective: that arouses an unusual emotion. In Treccani it is reported: That arouses wonder, and often also a sense of amazement, for its qualities, for the ways in which it manifests itself, because it is strange, surprising, extraordinary.

In common usage, the definition of Treccani continues, it is what, in addition to arousing wonder, also arouses admiration, for its beauty, for its greatness, or for other qualities possessed in the highest degree as well as with reference to the negative qualities. brings back to the concept of unbelievable or even scary.

Read this and the third question arrives on time: but if our State, due to the laws it has given itself and the historical and natural beauties it possesses, can be defined as a “wonderful country” What is “incredible and scary” then we Italians are to be misallocated?

Sooner or later we will have to find a solution and ensure that our “wonderful” Italy also has us Italians who, if not wonderful, at least become passable.

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