Bloody night in Milan, 17-year-old boy stabbed: very serious

A 17-year-old boy was stabbed in via Mecenate in Milan (Forlanini area) at dawn on Monday 1 November.

Everything happened just before 5:00 am, as reported by the regional emergency urgency agency. For the moment the outlines of the affair are not clear and the police officers are investigating the case, on the spot with several steering wheels. According to an initial reconstruction, the 17-year-old Italian was hit by several blows to the back.

His condition immediately appeared serious, so much so that the 118 operations center had sent an ambulance and a self-medical to the scene. The young man, stabilized by the rescuers, was transported in red code to the San Raffaele emergency room. His condition is critical. On the case investigations are underway by the police, for the moment it is not clear who has launched the blows.


Bloody night Milan #17yearold boy stabbed

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