Milan, broke 400 thousand euros to her partner pretending terminal illness and fertilization in Switzerland-

Milan, broke 400 thousand euros to her partner pretending terminal illness and fertilization in Switzerland-
Milan, broke 400 thousand euros to her partner pretending terminal illness and fertilization in Switzerland-

A heavy sentence (4 years and 6 months for alteration of status), but also one particular extenuating circumstance even requested by the Prosecutor’s Office (having acted for reasons of particular moral or social value such as the maintenance of two children), are the terminus of a mother who, in tapping 400 thousand euros to the your partner hooked on the Internet, had come to the point of first pretending to be terminally ill and in need of expensive treatment, then staging a (false) medically assisted fertilization in Switzerland for (fake) stem cell treatments, and finally peddling her pregnancy as a common parenting project, in which to convince the unfortunate fiancée to previously recognize the unborn child before the Municipality of Milan.

On an online site in 2014, the magnet woman is not a fool, but a wealthy 35-year-old manager of an important company, which falls in love with it first on the Net and then in a relationship developed over the weekends. Until the beloved – who calls herself an accountant, divorced and with three children in foster care – in 2015 he tells her he has a severe tumor and being treated in a clinic in Zurich, where she doesn’t want to be visited and where she cries for not having money for expensive therapies or for renting a house without architectural barriers.

Thus began the manager’s transfers, whose rare perplexities are swept away by the (fake) emails with which (fake) Zurich health workers blame her for not helping her beloved enough. Which in the summer of 2018 he tells her to have only 10 months to live, unless a medically assisted fertilization is financed then for the purpose of stem cell therapies. And the manager not only faints, but – in front of her beloved apparently desperate at the thought of being about to die and therefore leaving without legal protection the child she (this really is) in her womb – as a further act of love agrees to recognize him in order to guarantee him at least one parent. the deed that now costs the scammer precisely the accusation of alteration of status before the Municipality of Milan: that is, the joint declaration of recognition of an unborn child out of wedlock by both parents as part of a joint parenting project to following the use of medically assisted procreation techniques.

When the child is born and the castle of lies collapses only by chance, the scammer justifies the lies with the need for money for the other children after a conviction for embezzlement. Now the defrauded manager (protected by the lawyers De Castiglione, Masera and Platania) in the sentence also receives compensation for financial damage of 400 thousand euros. But at the same time the defendant, defended by Ilaria Cangemi, receives from the fifth section of the Court, in addition to the general extenuating circumstances, also the mitigation (requested by the prosecutor Paola Pirotta herself) of having acted for reasons of particular moral or social value. Is always the Court does not consider activating the (in these cases optional) loss of parental authority over the newborn.

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