The No Green pass of the Novara procession: «The concentration camp? Because we wanted to stay focused “

“It is a misunderstanding. Concentration in the sense of concentration: we have concentrated in a space, to express our dissent ». So Giusy Pace, one of the organizers of the Novara No Green pass parade with white and gray vertical striped bibs and identification numbers attached. Some were clinging to a knotted rope that resembled barbed wire.

Pace explains today in an interview with Republic what those symbols meant: «We did not want to approach the Jews, but in general to the deportees. Because we are a minority: they call us terrapiattisti, no vax, fascists. All distortions ». And again: “We did not want to compare ourselves to Auschwitz, if I had wanted to choose a camp I would have chosen Dachau where there were politicians, all minorities” And the barbed wire? “It’s a protection. He sets out to protect. For us it had that meaning ».

The organizer of the event is a nurse and as such has received immunization against Covid-19. Yesterday she was suspended by her union, FSI-Uae: the general secretary, Adamo Bonazzi, after verifying that she was the main promoter of the event, suspended her and revoked all her positions. “As Fsi-Usae we immediately say that we distance ourselves from these behaviors that cannot be justified in any way regardless of the reasons behind them,” Bonazzi said. «The federation has expressed itself clearly on the vaccination issue, reaffirming its line to the government and parliament with official documents; none of the managers representing the Fsi-Usae can allow, neither now nor ever, to throw the federation’s political-trade union line in the bin and act in a personal capacity while holding the positions of the union ».

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Green pass Novara procession concentration camp wanted stay focused

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