Novara, storm on the no passes dressed as deportees. The Jewish community: outrage against Memory-

Novara, storm on the no passes dressed as deportees. The Jewish community: outrage against Memory-
Novara, storm on the no passes dressed as deportees. The Jewish community: outrage against Memory-
from Agostino Gramigna Floriana Rullo

In the square on Saturday in Novara with striped bibs and barbed wire. Noemi Di Segni: ravings. The condemnation of politics

On a sign was written: Stop dictatorship. On another: Do not give in to blackmail, resist !. A banner held by two women: Assert your rights. Sober, compared to the performance staged by others manifestanti no green pass, marching through the streets of Novara on Saturday (as has been happening for 15 weeks). At the head and tail of the procession, the participants wore the clothes of concentration camp prisoners, as if to compare the anti Covid restrictions to the Nazi dictatorship. Harnesses exhibited in vertical white and gray stripes, some even with a number stuck, like those of the gods Auschwitz prisoners. The performance aroused disapproval and indignation.

Impossible comparisons

The words of Noemi Di Segni, president of UCEI, the Union of Italian Jewish communities, are very harsh: Faced with ravings such as those of Novara, it is not possible to invoke the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution. Impossible comparisons such as the one we have witnessed constitute absolute abuse e an offense to the Memoria, which is not only Jewish memory but the common heritage of a society and civilization. The staging was completed by a rope with knots, to recall barbed wire.

The nurse

Giuseppina Pace the woman who organized the demonstration. Known by all as Giusy, she is a nurse at the Maggiore hospital in Novara, president of the Human Rights Instance association and union member of the Fsi Usae. He tried to explain the display of the striped bibs like this. We are not the Jews, we are just a new minority created by the government to deprive us of our freedom. A symbol that prisoners also wear. The exploitation that was made was embarrassing. We weren’t heard. Giusy has always worked in the ward during the first wave of the pandemic. He says that for now, after his scheduled holidays, he will not return to work: without green pass. In 2020 I thought hospitals were the new concentration camps. But now the discrimination we are facing as a minority could lead to dramatic situations.


Positions and explanations that did not convince the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. Left, according to him, shocked by the Novara procession: Shocked by those who recall the concentration camps. These are things outside the grace of God. There is no sanitary dictatorship. We must insist on delivering messages based on scientific evidence. These people should not be insulted, but convinced on the data that tells us that vaccines are effective and safe. The position taken by the mayor of Novara, the Northern League player Alessandro Canelli: Comparing an ideological position relating to a vaccine and a green passes to the most tragic page in our history and to people who have been deported, humiliated, tortured, psychologically annihilated and murdered is shameful to say the least. They couldn’t have chosen a worse way to express a position on which one may or may not agree but which should not have become a cause of shame in our community. On the no green passes disguised as prisoners of the camps there was no lack of reactions from the world of politics. Through social media, the vice president of the Senate and responsible for justice and rights of the Democratic Party, Anna Rossomando, wrote: In Novara a shame that offends the memory of the victims of the Shoah. Even just to relate the vaccine or the green pass to the simply insane Holocaust. In the same tone the comment of the vice president of the Forza Italia group in the Senate, Licia Ronzulli: What happened in Novara is an outrage to history that cannot be tolerated. Once again the no vax and no green passes exchange the freedom to demonstrate with the right to offend.

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