“Established break of trust with Italia Viva”

“Established break of trust with Italia Viva”
“Established break of trust with Italia Viva”

Bill Zan, “yesterday there was a break, even a break in confidence, across the board. Italy is alive but overall with the party that voted in that way”. So Enrico Letta on Radio Immagina. After the vote of the trap, “Italy alive immediately began to take it out on us. Those who react like this have something to hide. Such a vocal, coarse reaction speaks volumes”, he then added.

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“Many have told me that we should have negotiated. But beyond the tactics, yesterday’s reactions clarify everything. The ramshackle applause of the Senate shows that those who drowned the bill did not want any Zan bill. Yesterday it was clearly a trap. built to blow everything up, that was the goal from the beginning, there was no desire to mediate and find a synthesis “, Letta underlined, adding:” If, as I think and hope, a signature collection initiative will start for a popular initiative bill, we will be next to that collection of signatures. We are willing to go all out for a popular bill that takes up the Zan bill. The country is far ahead of Parliament which has shown that it has eyes, the feet and the heart to the twentieth century. We move forward “.

“Italy has aligned itself with Poland and Hungary. And this is sad because Italy was realigning itself to Europe”, Letta said again. “The image of the ramshackle applause after the vote is the image of what our country would be if there were a majority led by Salvini and Meloni”, said the dem secretary. “I am proud to be on the other side”.

“The secret vote was the other element” of what happened on the Zan bill, “have the courage of your choices”, said Letta who believes “that yesterday many political games were played, they tried to play the second half of the administrative defeat on the skin of the people “. “It was a dress rehearsal of the political games for the Quirinale” but “I repeat, we will talk about Quirinale next year, when we will be close to the deadline. Now, with all the things ahead of us, let’s focus on things to do for the country and avoid these political games or games, cross messages and in code “, he affirmed.


Established break trust Italia Viva

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