Citizenship income reduced on second refusal

In the budget law that arrives today on the table of the CdM there is also the close on Citizenship Income, with the tightening of preventive checks to obtain it and a cut of the check for those who reject two job offers.

The main change concerns the tightening of preventive checksi for obtaining the RdC and strengthening the work accompaniment function, with a check cut – as mentioned – if two job offers are rejected. The reduction of the allowance should be progressive from the second refusal onwards.

The “Lag” it would obviously be addressed only to the so-called “employable”. A field limitation that excludes the disabled, minors, the elderly. Not only. Citizenship income as conceived up to now would be revoked at the second refusal of a job offer, even on time, rather than at the third refusal.

It’s hypotheses emerged yesterday in the control room on the maneuver that confirms an additional dowry of 791 million for citizenship income, a figure of about 700 million below the budget, but which allows for the next year to keep almost the same amount of resources as in 2021 (8.9 billion): “The government will introduce” stakes “in the entry phase (checks in anti-cunning requests) and permanence (décalage and suspension at the second request) – writes the Sole 24 Ore – Today the amount remains the same for all 18 months of the duration of the income supplement and the right to receive the subsidy is lost only to the third ‘no’ to a suitable job offer (in the South it is very rare that they arrive three suitable offers in 18 months) “.

For citizenship income, the hypothesis provides for a progressive reduction of the amounts up to a minimum amount of 300 euro per month, according to the calculations of the Press: all even in the absence of refusal of a new post. For Naspi for example (due to Covid in this case the décalage is suspended until December 31st) it is expected that the allowance awarded to the unemployed will be reduced by 3% every month.

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