WEATHER NOTICE for Calabria and Sicily. SEVERE BAD WEATHER with risk of FLOOD RAIN and WIND STORM «3B Meteo

WEATHER NOTICE for Calabria and Sicily. SEVERE BAD WEATHER with risk of FLOOD RAIN and WIND STORM «3B Meteo
WEATHER NOTICE for Calabria and Sicily. SEVERE BAD WEATHER with risk of FLOOD RAIN and WIND STORM «3B Meteo

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MEDICANES APPROACHING THE IONIC COAST. Now off the coast of Malta a Mediterranean cyclone that will be called Apollo from the Berlin Meteorological Institute is moving north and in the next few hours it will take on tropical characteristics, (or a TLC: tropical like cyclone) but it could also temporarily become a Mediterranean hurricane (Medicane) going up the warm waters of the Ionian, before being downgraded again to a tropical storm. In its northward trajectory, while not reaching the coasts, it will come dangerously close to Ionian Sicily on Friday, but its effects will already be felt during the day today on the island, with a progressive worsening starting from the south. The highlight of the bad weather is expected on Friday over Ionian Sicily and lower Ionian Calabria, with heavy rains, even alluvial ones e winds up to 100km / h. On Saturday it will reverse the route and move back to the south, moving away from Southern Italy and causing an attenuation of the bad weather.

THURSDAY WORST IN SICILY. Bad weather intensifying in Sicily starting from the southern sectors with first rains in the morning between Siracusano and Ragusano, but from the afternoon rains and thunderstorms in further intensification and in extension towards the north, with the exception of the northern coast where partial bright spells will resist. Elsewhere clouds and showers, more intense on Siracusano, Ragusano and southern Catanese. In Calabria still nothing done with dry and sunny weather. Strong winds of Grecale with possible storm surges on the Ionian coasts of Calabria and Sicily, gusts exceeding 100km / h will be recorded offshore between the southern Ionian and the Libyan Sea.

FRIDAY CLOU DEL MALTEMPO BETWEEN EAST SICILY AND LOWER CALABRIA. Severe bad weather over much of Sicily, especially on the Ionian side, with rains and thunderstorms, including storms during the day, over Catanese and Siracusano and possible hydro-geological problems. Rainfall accumulations of even more than 100mm are expected in 24 hours. It gets worse since the early morning hours in Calabria with rains and showers on Reggino, intensifying especially in the evening with possible storms. Strong northeastern winds on the Ionian coasts and on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, gusts too over 100km / h around the center of the cyclone, up to 80km / h on Sicily and Calabria with peaks of 100km / h on the Siracusano, storm surges on the exposed coasts, especially on those of Ionian Calabria. Ventilation stretched from the northwest on the Sicilian Sea.

SATURDAY THE CYCLONE MOVES AWAY FROM SOUTHERN ITALY. Still initial bad weather conditions on central-eastern Sicily and lower Calabria with intense phenomena between Catanzaro and Reggino and possible storms, but with the passing of the hours they will gradually diminish with the last showers that will linger until evening on the Ionian side of Sicily. Still strong winds from the northeast on the Ionian Sea, tense from the northwest on the Sicilian Sea. Gusts over 100km / h offshore, but gradually attenuating during the day on our Ionian coasts.

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