Coronavirus, another 4,598 cases and 50 deaths in Italy. 0.98% positivity rate


Cases currently positive, cured, deaths and total cases from first detection to date. New cases day by day


Valle d’Aosta, no deaths and 7 new positives

No deaths and seven new positive cases at Covid 19 in Valle d’Aosta. The people affected by the virus since the beginning of the epidemic therefore rise to 12,289. The current positives are 76 of which 69 in home isolation and seven hospitalized. The healed are a total of 11,739, +10 compared to yesterday, the cases tested to date are 91,688, the swabs carried out 222,437. The deaths of people who have tested positive for the virus since the beginning of the emergency are 474.

In Puglia 4 deaths and 265 new cases, 1.24% of the tests

There are 265 new cases of positivity to Covid recorded in Puglia on 21,417 swabs, with a positivity rate that rises to 1.24% (compared to 1% yesterday). There are four deaths. The new infections are distributed as follows: in the province of Bari 82, in the Bat 12, in the Brindisi area 16, in the province of Foggia 38, in that of Lecce 46, in the Tarantino 67, two residents outside the region, two provinces in definition. There are 2,538 people currently positive, 128 those hospitalized in a non-critical area, 18 in intensive care.


The number of daily hospitalizations, those in intensive care, people in home isolation and the daily percentage growth.


In Trentino, infections are increasing, 60 new cases

In Trentino today zero deaths but 60 new infections from Covid in the face of 7,228 antigenic and 505 molecular tests. On the hospital front, in the face of a discharge there has been a new entry: in all, 13 patients are hospitalized, 2 of whom are in intensive care. The vaccination campaign reached 787,650 administrations, a figure that includes 361,448 second doses and 12,772 third doses.

In Tuscany 8 deaths and 4 more hospitalizations in intensive care

There are eight deaths caused by Covid in Tuscany today: between men and five women with an average age of 86.5 years. The total number of deaths in Tuscany since the beginning of the epidemic rises to 7,266. There are 288,216 overall cases of coronavirus positivity. The average age of 302 new positives today is about 39 years (32% are under 20, 17% between 20 and 39, 28% between 40 and 59, 16% between 60 and 79, 7% have 80 years or older). The healed, who are 245 more today than yesterday, reach 275,826 (95.7% of total cases). The currently positive are 5,124 today, + 1% compared to yesterday. There are 260 hospitalized (2 more than yesterday), of which 27 in intensive care (4 more).

Yesterday’s numbers

Yesterday, Tuesday 26 October, there were 4,054 new infections, with 639,745 swabs processed and therefore a positivity rate of 0.63%. There were 48 deaths, while 341 patients were hospitalized in intensive care.

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