MFGS 2021: Elisa Bruno (Level shoes): “I would like to bring our reality to Italy”

Elisa Bruno to the MFGS 2021

“I’d like to bring Level shoes in Italy. We would not say no to Milan as a market place, if the possibility arose ». There are also Italy, and Milan specifically, in the business expansion projects of Level shoes, the luxury footwear retailer based in Dubai. To reveal it, in connection from the city where it is in progress Expo 2020, during the second day of MFGS-MIlano Fashion Global Summit, And Elisa Bruno, general manager of the retail reality, present in the Emirate territory for almost ten years, a round figure that will reach next year, with a hub of 9,000 square meters in Dubai.

In the future of the company there is a renewal of the store, with which the aim is to create a retail experience different from the traditional one, with a view to the rebirth of the brand in which an international expansion plan is also inserted. Both the United States, the first market in the world for footwear, and Saudi Arabia are involved, with the upcoming opening of a pop up. «Saudi Arabia is giving way to the change in the fashion sector in the Middle East, thanks to a very young population that is not afraid to take the initiative. A sign in this sense is given by the strong demand for sneakers, especially niche ones, which allow a certain degree of product customization ». (All rights reserved)


MFGS Elisa Bruno Level shoes bring reality Italy

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