Green pass, there is also the obligation to access the European Parliament

Those opposed to the obligatory

The law was opposed on Tuesday by the unions of the approximately 8 thousand workers of the Eurochamber, according to which “the draft decision would violate the Charter of Fundamental Rights, namely article 3 on the right to the integrity of the person and article 7 on the right to private life “. “We have serious doubts about the existence of a valid legal basis,” they noted.

Axis of sovereigns

The sovereignists of different groups of the right are making an axis against the obligation to Green Pass. As “Europa today” writes, among these we find the former Northern League Francesca Donato, the Croatian MEP Ivan Sincic, who belongs to the group of non-members and who had tried to create an alliance with the M5s before the latter’s pro-European turn; but also Romanian Christian Pregnant, of the Ecr group, ally of the Brothers of Italy in Strasbourg, and the German deputy of Identity and Democracy, Christine Anderson. According to MEPs opposed to the obligation, the Green pass is not a preventive health tool (according to Sincic, on the contrary, it is “a license to spread the virus”) and is detrimental to fundamental human rights (according to Donato, workers are forced to be vaccinated “because otherwise they would lose their jobs, they would lose their fundamental rights if they did not. And when these people have adverse effects, even very serious adverse effects, they do not receive any free assistance” while for Anderson “civil rights and freedoms have been transformed from fundamental rights to privileges that governments grant or revoke at will “).

I in favor Among the groups in favor of the new standard there are S&D, the group to which the Democratic Party belongs in Europe, e Ppe, where Forza Italia satellite. Antonio Tajani a few days ago had in fact stated that he was in favor of mandatory. While David Sassoli had highlighted how “we have done a lot to have a law and to reopen in an orderly manner, I would say that the Green pass must be used”. But also the League (which belongs to the Identity and Democracy group) voted in favor.


Green pass obligation access European Parliament

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