Inaugurates “Whispers”, the new Stefano Picarazzi Events exhibition in Milan

From Monday 1st November, the Maiocchi15 Gallery in Milan hosts “Whispers”, the new project by the artist Stefano Picarazzi. The exhibition is divided into about fifteen works of various sizes made with mixed techniques: we move from the main work, a 100×100 cm canvas in enamel and acrylic, to smaller works, always in enamel and uncritical on canvas or on canvas paper 40×30 cm, up to small sizes on fine papers 10×15 cm.

Closely linked to the Trebbia Valley, the series of works exhibited is characterized by depictions of an uncontested nature, where green slopes reflected on the surface of the water are captured by the artist’s eye.

The works, whispers on canvas, mark a precise deviation in Picarazzi’s path towards an impressionist painting, in which the subject – often the river and the phantasmagoric nature that is reflected in it – transfigures, giving way to the emotional interpretation of an experience . The natural elements, which with their uncontaminated strength are able to move, reflect and whisper, are in fact the real protagonists of a visceral and warm painting, where the chromatic synthesis and the relationship between light and shadow stir intense emotional reactions in the viewer.

Accompanying “Whispers” will also be the Glamor Edition of “Colored Righine of different thicknesses”, a new series of works in enamel and acrylic on canvas with a glossy finish in a mini format. Here, for the first time, the color of each single stripe is blended for greater chromatic harmony and each line aligned to form an interlocking of intriguing geometries.

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Inaugurates Whispers Stefano Picarazzi Events exhibition Milan

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