the Save the Children report

the Save the Children report
the Save the Children report

According to the Save The Children report “Guaranteeing the future of children – How to end child poverty and social exclusion in Europe”, in the Old Continent there are as many as 20 million children living in absolute poverty, of which one million in Italy, where they increased by 200 thousand units in 2020 thanks to the Coivd-19 pandemic.

Over one million in Italy alone, where they have increased by 200 thousand units in the last year. The numbers on children living in absolute poverty collected by Save The Children in the report “Guaranteeing the future of children – How to end child poverty and social exclusion in Europe”, which analyzes 14 countries in Europe, of which 9 EU and 5 non-EU. In fact, not only is the trend in our country growing, but also in the rest of the Old Continent there is alarm, with as many as 20 million minors growing up in conditions of misery. According to the dossier, even in Italy “the most exposed to poverty are large families with at least 5 members and families with a migratory background “.

Specifically, in Italy, estimates show that in 2020 there are 200 thousand more children in absolute poverty than the previous year, thanks to the pandemic of Covid-19. Among the countries of the European Union, in Germany, one of the richest countries in the world, one in four children grows up at risk of poverty while in Spain and in Romania, one in three children live below the poverty line. Among the most serious situations we note the one that is recorded in the Balkans, between Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The only countries – among the 9 EU countries present in the report – where child poverty rates fell during the pandemic are Denmark, Sweden e Lithuania.

In addition, millions of children across Europe have no access or limited access to early childhood education and services, often of low quality, others lack access to healthy foods leading to increased levels of obesity and malnutrition. chronic childhood. The report also contains recommendations on how to improve national child poverty reduction policies and some requests aimed at individuals governments nationals to improve the situation of children living in conditions of poverty and social exclusion in Europe: among these, adopting a holistic approach to tackle child poverty; include adequate measures to reduce child poverty in the national action plans of the European Child Guarantee; transparently promote and specify the allocation of resources to tackle child poverty; set ambitious national targets for the reduction of child poverty, with the aim of exceeding the EU target of lifting 5 million children out of poverty by 2030.


Save Children report

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