Assault on the CGIL, the images of the security cameras: desks destroyed, posters torn and those who take pictures as if they were on a trip – The video

The suspects, many of them belonging to Forza Nuova, defended themselves in recent days by talking about a “symbolic” siege, perhaps out of hand, but in which the demonstrators who entered the headquarters of the CGIL immediately left as soon as they were recalled by the police .

The images of the security cameras inside the Corso Italia headquarters, however, tell a completely different story of what happened on October 9th, when a No Green pass event dominated by neo-fascists such as Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore ended with the assault on the national headquarters of the main Italian trade union.

I video

The clips are short but eloquent. First of all, it is not true that those who entered the union headquarters did so with their faces uncovered. In more than one shot you can see men covered by hoods. One in particular has a stick, perhaps a flag, and tries to brandish it to hit objects he encounters or take off the posters. Some take off their T-shirts to cover their faces upon entering and put it back on once they enter, evidently thinking that the security cameras are only at the entrance.

At one point we see a rather old man enter the main corridor and look for something to throw down, a painting or a poster. After a while the national leader of Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore, takes him towards the exit.

The role of Passaro

Biagio Passaro, the restaurateur spokesperson of the Io Apro movement, also stands out well, who posted the live broadcast on his social networks during the attack. In the minutes, in front of the investigating judge, he said: “My stay lasted twenty seconds, but you can see it from the videos and as soon as I enter I see some guys who were kicking, I said:” Guys don’t break anything “and this is heard from an audio. In the images of these surveillance cameras it seems at least that he has stayed a little longer and not just to tell others to rest assured ».

The most disturbing frames are probably the final ones. A group of protesters after passing the main entrance turns towards a hall, but not before having knocked down the entrance counter with the CGIL symbol. Young faces can be recognized, some still wearing hoods, plumper men but also women with backpacks carried in front, as is done on crowded buses to keep the bad guys away. One also has her cell phone in her hand. Who knows, he must have thought of resuming the scene and keeping the memory of the slightly crazy Saturday in which he participated in the assault on the union.

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