“Around vaccinated unprotected” – Libero Quotidiano

“Around vaccinated unprotected” – Libero Quotidiano
“Around vaccinated unprotected” – Libero Quotidiano

Not all vaccines are effective. To say it is Massimo Galli. The head physician of the infectious diseases department at the Sacco hospital in Milan, in connection with The Air That Pulls, does not deny the existence of “unprotected vaccinated”. For the professor it is “a fact”, on which however “we have no counter-proof”. At least not imminent. The conductor of La7 is amazing, Francesco Magnani, Galli admits that “the counter-proof is often made by Italians by going to get a sample and paying for it to see if they have antibodies, in some environments this antibody is still a blasphemy to say“.

But that’s not all, because Galli reveals the “disasters” of some serums. Here are the numbers: “Out of 101 immunosuppressed it emerged that the first Pfizer dose took place 4 percent response, the second dose 40 and the third dose 68 percent. In short, a disaster “made worse by the fact that” of that 68 per cent many people were left uncovered “.

For this reason, the professor prefers to be cautious about the third dose of vaccine for everyone, even if “a series of data at an international level would go in that direction”. “It would be better distinguish some specific contexts, like the most fragile people – he continues -. There is a very individual variability in the response, the third dose decision is ‘everyone like this’ and that’s okay “. Not to mention that” these vaccines maintain over time the ability not to take you to hospital or worse, but they are unable to prevent you from getting infected“Just this inability for the expert would explain the increase in infections, which Italy has been experiencing for a few days now.

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vaccinated unprotected Libero Quotidiano

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