“But 60% of the vehicles are stopped in the pits”

The cleaning of the streets and the city by Christmas. This is the commitment of the new mayor Roberto Gualtieri for the first months of his government in Rome: an extraordinary plan that will involve Ama’s workers in charge of environmental hygiene services. The Municipality, on the other hand, will not make use of the recipients of citizenship income. In the coming weeks the meeting with the trade unions to agree with the representatives of the workers of the municipal company to organize the operational plan.

He loves without personnel or means: “60% are stopped in the pits”

However, there will be difficulties. “The workers place a lot of expectations in the new sole shareholder, but today they work without 60% of the means that are at a standstill” – complaint to Rome Today Giancarlo Cenciarelli of Fp Cgil Rome and Lazio. “Ama’s employees pay for the disorganization and lack of planning in recent years: a chaos that involves workshops, garages and local offices. All this is unworthy for a company of this size and at the service of the capital of Italy “. The unions also denounce the shortage of staff: “The recruitments made, 125 already planned in 2017, are not enough because in the meantime – underlines the trade unionist – there have been further exits and retirements”. Even the city’s precarious collection, treatment and disposal system – always on the brink of collapse – does not help: “With the absence of adequate outlets and increasingly critical working conditions, from organization to safety, Ama finds itself semi-paralyzed and undersized” – underline Natale Di Cola, CGIL Rome and Lazio, and Giancarlo Cenciarelli.

Ama, the unions put the sole administrator at the door: “Zaghis resigns immediately”

Finger pointed at the previous Capitoline administration and the sole administrator of Ama, Stefano Zaghis that the trade unionists indicate as “The main culprit of the inaction and worsening of AMA’s ability to intervene”. Hence the peremptory request: “Zaghis – say Di Cola and Cenciarelli – we must resign and let a new management be recomposed: no extraordinary plan can be envisaged to clean up the city, leaving the responsibilities to those who have managed the investee company in recent years in a bankrupt, ineffective and not very transparent way “.

Cleaning the city: Ama’s workers ready for an extraordinary effort

The request to the Municipality is that of “A quick relaunch of the service”. “The workers are willing to give a lot, even to an extraordinary effort, but they want a management that is up to the commitment: work quickly on planning and planning the company because in recent years – concludes Cenciarelli – Ama’s operators were forced to organize themselves with what they had to guarantee services to the city ”.


vehicles stopped pits

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