armored vehicles in the center, Eur and Parioli. No fly zone and 4 parades. Alarm merger protests and No green pass –

armored vehicles in the center, Eur and Parioli. No fly zone and 4 parades. Alarm merger protests and No green pass –
armored vehicles in the center, Eur and Parioli. No fly zone and 4 parades. Alarm merger protests and No green pass –

Three days of passion for the Romans, but also of high tension for public order. And no fly zone on the capital and nbcr means of firefighters to detect toxic substances. From Friday to next Sunday, on the occasion of the G20 organized at Eur, between the Cloud and the Palazzo dei Congressi, numerous roads will be closed and there will be reinforced fixed garrisons outside the embassies of the countries participating in the international summit. US and French presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, German (outgoing) Chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have been confirmed. The utmost attention, because three events have already been announced for Friday and Saturday and because road traffic problems cannot be ruled out.

1,500 police officers on the field
There will be many Municipal agents busy on the streets at the weekend, as well as a reinforcement in the various groups. To these will be added at least another 5 thousand men from other law enforcement agencies, supplemented by secret and security services from various countries. Meanwhile, here is a provisional list of streets closed from 7pm on Friday to Sunday: via Cristoforo Colombo (via Laurentina-viale dell’Umanesimo and vice versa, and Sheraton-Viale America junction); viaduct of the Magliana (Colombo-Gra and vice versa); via della Musica, viale dell’Artigianato, viale dell’Industria, viale della Civilt del Lavoro (Colombo-viale Beethoven), via Chopin, via Liszt; viale Europa (Beethoven-Colombo), viale America (Beethoven-Colombo), viale dell’Arte (viale dell’Aeronautica-viale della Musica), viale Africa (viale dell’Arte-Colombo).

Escorted delegations
Saturday will be the highlight of the summit. The diplomatic delegations will move around the capital on predefined routes, interchangeable according to need, escorted by men of the special forces. Bellows closures are foreseen throughout the center, especially around the Termini station for a collective appointment at the Baths of Diocletian. The areas where the main hotels that host foreign guests are located are armored, in the center, in the Eur area, but also in northern Rome and Balduina, with relative temporary traffic blocks, as well as outside the embassies.

Parades and risk of clashes
There will be other traffic blocks due to the planned demonstrations against the G20. The most important Saturday was that of the grassroots unions who asked for the okay for a march, another of the Communist Refoundation for now in San Giovanni, another – but Friday – of the students, with a procession, and yet another the previous day. They are forewarned, it is not excluded that the Police Headquarters will move times and places – Circo Massimo and Bocca della Verit included – but above all to the first one, where no vax and No green pass groups could converge, from Italy and abroad.

Eur red zone
The security measures were developed yesterday at the Police Headquarters, in agreement with the Prefecture. But other meetings will be organized from today to Friday. A maximum security area is foreseen at Eur – with the removal of all the cars parked in the roads closed to traffic and in any case according to the needs – with check points, select shooters on the terraces of the buildings, helicopters in flight 24 hours a day with night viewers and special anti-terrorism units ready for action, Nocs and Uopi (police), Gis, Api and Sos (carabinieri). The Guardia di Finanza will also take part in the supervision. There will also be checkpoints on the Rome-Fiumicino and the ring road, with possible traffic slowdowns. Many public transport lines have been diverted, not excluding the closure of the Eur Fermi and Magliana metro stops.

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