Fire in the goldsmith’s company in Arezzo, black cloud and intoxicated employees: Close the windows

Large fire in the early afternoon in a company in Arezzo, Galvanica Formelli. The column of black smoke that rose into the sky was spotted several kilometers away. Four intoxicated employees. The Municipality asks those who live in the area to close the windows and limit outdoor activities.

A big fire broke out in the afternoon of today ad Arezzo within a goldsmith company specialized in electroplating in the industrial area of ​​the city. The flames developed in a shed located in via Achille Grandi, in the area of ​​via Calamandrei. The company is the Galvanic Formelli. At least four employees were intoxicated: two were transported to hospital in Arezzo, two others were medicated on the spot. They wouldn’t be in serious condition. A column of black smoke has risen from the company and is clearly visible throughout the city. Eight teams of firefighters from Arezzo and Florence are operating on site, activated by virtue of the regional max-emergency coordination supported by the max-emergency group ASL Toscana southeast. From the Municipality invite a close windows and limit outdoor activities. Arpat technicians intervened on site for the environmental assessment of the episode.

“The dark cloud that arose from the fire – he said the councilor for the environment of the Municipality of Arezzo Marco Sacchetti – is releasing dust which could be problematic if breathed in. The galvanic fire is long and difficult to reclaim, therefore operations will not be fast in the southern part of the city and these precautions must be used also because the wind does not help “. The fire broke out around 3.30 pm, probably due to a short circuit in an electrical system and severely damaged the company. Following the indications of Arpat, the Municipality also invites, for those who live in the area immediately downstream of the fire, in particular in Ponte a Chiani, to do not consume water from wells and do not draw it from the Chiana canal. Due to a variation in the winds, the recommendations have also been extended to the areas between Battifolle and Indicatore, hamlets south of Arezzo. Traffic in the area surrounding the fire was banned from cars with traffic police blocks.


Fire goldsmiths company Arezzo black cloud intoxicated employees Close windows

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