Fire devastates the Galvanica Formelli. From the Municipality: “Keep the windows closed”

First the flames engulfed the shed and then, simultaneously with the relentless advance of the fire, a dense column of black smoke rose high into the sky, making itself visible from miles away. This is how the fire at the Galvanic Formelli in via Grandi, on the southern outskirts of Arezzo. A terrible, surreal scene which was witnessed by helpless workers and owners of the company.

Around 4.30 pm today, 25 October, the firefighters intervened to quell the flames that engulfed the company. A fierce, devastating fire, most likely started from an electrical panel outside the main structure. A fault or a short circuit would be at the origin of the spark which in a very short time has become a fire of significant proportions. The incident is now being examined by the ASL inspectors and firefighters who, as soon as the extinguishing and reclamation operations are completed, will be called to understand the details of the affair. Seven teams participate in the firefighting operations, also with reinforcements from Florence, Prato and Siena, and the regional nucleus NBCR (Nuclear Biological Chemical Radiological) of Florence.

Also present on site are the emergency medical services with 4 blsd ambulances and an automedical one, as well as the coordination of the regional maxi emergency and the South East Tuscany ASL. Four galvanic employees remained intoxicated. Fortunately, no one reported any particular critical issues. Two of them were transferred to the emergency room for checks while the others refused hospitalization. The municipal police of Arezzo were also at work on the site of the fire, which had the task of regulating traffic and preventing access to the area. Arpat staff also intervened. Their task now involves assessing the environmental impact of the fire.

Fire in the via Calamandrei area: the directions to follow

Following the fire that developed in the area of ​​via Calamandrei, at the moment, pending further checks and indications from the ASL and Arpat, the Municipality of Arezzo, through the voice of the mayor Alessandro Ghinelli and the councilor Marco Sacchetti, recommends to those who live in the near the stake and in the area south of via Chiari to close the windows and limit outdoor activities, collect the laundry, wash the bowls of the animals, do not use the water from the wells in the town of Ponte a Chiani and do not draw water from the Chiana, do not consume fruit and vegetables from the gardens. Furthermore, the utmost attention is recommended for all residents of the areas of: Chiani, Ponte a Chiani, Indicatore, via Calamandrei, Battifolle, San Giuliano.

Fire in a galvanic in Arezzo: four intoxicated. Evacuated workers

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