Berlusconi at the Quirinale? More than common sense, good taste is needed

Berlusconi at the Quirinale? More than common sense, good taste is needed
Berlusconi at the Quirinale? More than common sense, good taste is needed

by Gennaro Siciliano

In a few weeks the presidential term of Sergio Mattarella it will be concluded: the election of the new President of the Republic by the Chamber of Deputies will then take place on the initiative of the President of the Chamber. In such an important historical phase, beyond the political colors, responsibility and common sense are all the more necessary, as well as good taste.

The Italian political class, as we know, has no inhibitions, and in order to make us ridiculous in the eyes of the whole world, they invent one every minute. With hair on their stomach, the center-right political forces supported the candidacy of Silvio Berlusconi as President of the Republic, already sentenced definitively. No one yet, in any talk show, has stood up and asked: “Are you kidding? But have you drunk your brains? Berlusconi again? to the Quirinale really? but are you serious? “. Indeed, the TV talk shows, without shame, are full of guests who tell of the unique personality and unparalleled charisma of Berlusconi, a person in their opinion very suitable to hold this institutional position, God forbid. Let alone.

And then I decided to launch a petition on, in a hurry: he had an urgent need to be born as he continually tries to rincitrullire all, as if in Italy there were no decent people, educated, with Italian citizenship, who have reached the age of 50 and who enjoy civil and political rights. Berlusconi’s political and judicial history is easily accessible to all, so I invite all of you to read it. For those convicted on a definitive basis to whom “a natural propensity to commit crime” has been attributed, for example, the politeness and culture of Liliana Segre, which through her precious testimony has given the possibility to understand, to those who have had the intelligence to listen to her, a small part of the absolute horror that she has experienced and that millions of people have experienced.

Its strength is worthy of praise, certainly not the charisma by Berlusconi, known in France as a “soup seller”. At this crucial moment in the history of our country and human, after about two very difficult years, we need to have people in places of power would be, educated and respectable beyond any reasonable doubt. We will no longer accept an inadequate and unpresentable ruling class. The measure is full. Now stop.

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