In Milan the first international musical festival

It was presented today at Royal Palace the first International Musical Festival which will debut in Milan in June 2022 bringing the best world productions in the sector to the city: the winners of the awarded categories will win the coveted Golden Spire, the prize made with i marbles of Candolia, the same material used for the construction of the Cathedral.

Golden Spire

The place where the first edition of the Guglia d’Oro Musical Awards but they remain on pole two or three illustrious Milanese theaters: «We can do it because the idea was not there before and we had it ourselves – says the artistic director Diego Montrone – and the artistic intelligence, the all-Milanese intuition, which the world recognizes us, will be our extra strength. According to a recent statistical survey, the Milan brand is perceived as the third in the world in terms of image recognition and perception, and this fact must be highlighted because sometimes we are the first to not recognize it. We will reach this level also on the musical ».

The 2022 edition will see the assignment of career awards of some of the most important and influential characters in the sector by special guests, all still to be revealed, present in the ceremony at the beginning of next summer. From June 2023, however, the full Awards will be assigned in 14 categories, including Best Original Musical of the year, Best Musical Revival, Best Director and the unpublished Giuseppe Verdi Special Prize for Composer.

Also present at the conference Simone Genatt, founder of Broadway International Entertainment: «There is no better time to start over than in this auspicious awakening of world markets. To celebrate Italy and its artistic power, even in musicals, we will be happy to be here next June to create something important for the sector together. Up until now we have had the privilege of bringing the musical in different languages ​​to 50 countries around the world, and here in Milan we will bring some of our titles to celebrate together the unrivaled cultural passion of Milan, together with the creative and expressive power of the musical. As co-founder of the Festival I am proud of it ».

Lorella Cuccarini

The showgirl is also on the jury Lorella Cuccarini. “With Grease we were the first in the nineties to open the doors to the genre of the Italian musical, even in a long tenure, and for me it is still an honor today, after 25 years, to represent Italy and be part of such a prestigious jury . This is a magnificent and ambitious project, and doing it right in Milan is even more beautiful because from here I started taking my first steps in the musical way back in 1997 ».

The Festival enjoys the patronage of Lombardy region he was born in the municipality of Milan, with the support of Broadway and West End of London. Appointment in February-March 2022 with the next press conference and the announcement of the finalists of the awards and the first international guests.

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