Made to kneel and killed, execution in Reggiano

Made to kneel and killed, execution in Reggiano
Made to kneel and killed, execution in Reggiano

It takes on the contours of an execution, the death of 29-year-old Salvatore Silipo, originally from Crotone and living in Gualtieri, Reggiano, killed – yesterday afternoon – inside the ‘Dante Gomme’ tire spare parts workshop in Cadelbosco Sopra. According to what has been learned, the man was made to kneel and then killed with a direct blow to the neck.

For the death of Silipo, the 70-year-old Dante Sestito, originally from Cutro, in the Crotone area and resident in Cadelbosco Sopra, Reggiano, was arrested in the night by the Carabinieri. , manager of the garage in the Emilian town. The man, last night, was questioned by the prosecutor, Dr. Piera Cristina Giannusa, in the presence of her lawyer making use of the right not to answer. The gun used for the crime, a ‘Smith & Wesson’ 44 Magnum revolver, illegally detained and found stolen, was seized along with 18 rounds, one of which exploded. The weapon – again according to what has been learned – was stolen in Pieve di Cento, in the Bolognese area, in January 2019.

The 70-year-old had been blocked and disarmed by the intervention of two Carabinieri of a patrol from the Castelnovo Sotto station – in transit near the tire company and headed to the stadium to carry out public order service – alerted by screams and presence on the street of a cousin of the victim who was with him in the workshop.

According to what was reconstructed, Silipo – to whom a girl was born a few days ago, and who already had a two-year-old male – had worked as a mechanic until about a month ago in the company run by Sestito with his sons Antonio and Francesco. Then the working relationship was interrupted for reasons that are being examined by the investigators: in the early afternoon of yesterday, however, Silipo had returned to the company for a meeting, perhaps a clarification, which was also attended by relatives of both.

The investigators have been working since yesterday to reconstruct the dynamics, the motive, the context with accuracy: they are people of Calabrian origins, lapped by some investigations.

The company was involved in a maxi-investigation, called ‘Billions’, on a criminal association that made profits thanks to false invoices, with a hearing scheduled for the next few days also for the son, Antonio Sestito, accused together with another 190 people. A few years ago the ‘Dante Gomme’ had suffered a gunshot attack.

The victim also had problems with justice: in mid-2020 he was arrested together with another person for a cocaine business, based in a garage in Gualtieri. Cocaine and the materials to package it had been seized.

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