Bad weather, Sicily raises the “barricades” against the red alert: schools, parks and vaccination hubs close

After a first day, that of today, spent between rain, cyclonic wind and the operating rooms of the Fire Brigade and Regional Civil Protection practically “crazy” for the numerous requests for intervention received, for Sicily tomorrow will be a “red Monday” “for the warning issued on the bad weather conditions that insist on the island. The mayors meanwhile run for cover and issue closing orders for schools of all levels. From Catania, Messina to Enna and Syracuse tomorrow students at home as a precaution. Mayor Salvo Pogliese already in the afternoon anticipated on Facebook the contents of the ordinance that he would have signed shortly thereafter: “The impossibility of predicting exactly the time and moment in which the peak of the violent phenomena announced will occur requires us all the utmost caution, for the good of our boys and girls, school workers and the entire teaching staff. The closure will make traffic more manageable and will allow the Civil Protection to intervene also in a preventive function, on the territory and precisely with monitoring of the school buildings most at risk “. In the same vein, many other mayors of the Etna province too.

Schools also closed in Sciacca where the mayor Francesca Valenti has adopted the same measure for tomorrow.

In Catania and its province, in addition to the parks and the cemetery, also hubs and territorial vaccination points remain closed. The decision was made by the commissioner for the Covid emergency, Pino Liberti, in concert with the health director of the ASP, Antonino Rapisarda. Therefore, all activities in the hubs of Catania, Acireale, Sant’Agata Li Battiati, Misterbianco and Caltagirone were suspended. Stop also in all the territorial vaccination points of the Asp. The closure is as a precaution to protect users and operators. Activities, including drive-in buffers, will resume on Tuesday, if weather conditions permit. Users booked for the administration of the vaccine will be able to present themselves directly in the hubs and in the territorial vaccination points as soon as they return to operation. It is not necessary to make a new reservation.

The inconveniences that have occurred due to bad weather have been particularly felt in Pantelleria and in Scordia the roads have become rivers in flood. In the town of Catania, a couple who had been given up for missing was found while another who was on board a Ford Fiesta is still missing.

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Moments of fear also for motorists who in the afternoon had to pass on the other side of the San Giuliano bridge that crosses the Alcantara river in the Randazzo area, in the Catanese area: they were in fact blocked since a large quantity spilled onto the bridge of water that swept away the parapet and created damage to the asphalt blocking the passage of cars.

Since this morning, requests for intervention due to bad weather in Catania and its province have already reached almost 180. Those already carried out and those in progress are over 90. The areas most affected, in addition to the metropolitan area of ​​Catania, were Maletto, Maniace and Randazzo. The Calatino and Palagonia areas were also particularly affected. All available teams, even those of the Voluntary Detachments of Maletto, Vizzini and Linguaglossa, are at work. Also in the Catanese area there are also criticalities in Misterbianco, Paternò and Biancavilla.

Caution is also recommended by the head of the regional Department of Civil Protection Salvo Cocina: “There is a very strong disturbance in Sicily, a storm cell that has already hit Pantelleria and is preparing to reach the areas of Agrigento and the Nisseno. Another storm cell has already discharged a large amount of rain between Palagonia, Scordia, Militello, Francofonte, causing landslides and flooding and damage to property but fortunately without any injuries. Another cell invests the area of ​​Giarre. The situation is evolving and we expect further phenomena. We are on red alert and over one hundred municipal operational centers are open and are monitoring the situation ».


Some meteorologists warn about the possibility that the cyclone moved towards the Ionian Sea could turn into a dangerous Medicane: this term derives from the fusion of the English words MEDIterranean hurriCANE, literally “Mediterranean hurricane” as for the physical characteristics of the atmospheric structure it recalls the ” monsters “that are formed on the oceans (as explained by


If this were to materialize, the bad weather will become really heavy especially on eastern Sicily and Ionian Calabria, which will be lashed by winds with gusts up to 100 km / h and heavy and persistent rains for over 24-48 hours.


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