‘Here is the Italy that I like. Trieste calls Italy (and not only) responds’. Saverio Zeni’s comment

‘Here is the Italy that I like. Trieste calls Italy (and not only) responds’. Saverio Zeni’s comment
‘Here is the Italy that I like. Trieste calls Italy (and not only) responds’. Saverio Zeni’s comment

Stefano Puzzer © nc

Today, Sunday 24 October, our editor, Saverio Zeni, expresses his thoughts in the section Let’s talk about it, on Sunday:

Saturday 23 October was a day where the best Italy was staged, the one that does not resign itself to the limitation of its freedom, an Italy that wants the restoration of legality and disagrees with the ways and methods dictated by our Constitution. Constitution not taken into consideration by this government, which imposed a liberticidal and discriminatory law through blackmail.

Trieste has become the symbol of the recovery of our consciences, stunned by media terrorism assisted by a policy that has abandoned any decency as well as a trade union that has sold off its mission. Trieste is the hub where the great lie has been revealed, where we can shout “The King is Naked”, since only those who do not want to see reality can consider the “Green Pass” an initiative to limit Covid.

Green Pass and Covid are the polar opposite, and I am happy to have once again confirmed that there are Italians who think with their brains, I hope they are a majority (often silent), peaceful, but who react when we are close to the point of break up. Italians, the same, who mobilized to defend the constitution at the last referendum despite the diktats of the political parties. Italians who roll up their sleeves and get busy in times of need, without many coats of arms, without praise and recognition.

One of these Italians is certainly Stefano Puzzer, who has become a symbol of the Triestine protest, which is told by an anonymous “Piepaolo Pier” on a Facebook page that we report below:


Today 23 October, after the meeting with the government minister in Trieste, the throng of journalists who filled Piazza Unità had to work hard to chase Stefano who, with all the calm of an ordinary Trieste on Saturday morning, went to sit down on a bench in front of the Molo Audace. I have personally heard the grumbling of some media professionals who are pissed off at such a way of running a press conference, as they yanked and pushed to be in the front row.

In the end, after having appeared on TV all over the world, Stefano disappeared with some of his people, on foot, without an escort, without a blue car, without flash and cameras. It happens in Trieste, nothing strange. Just as it is not surprising to find it in a bar, a few hundred meters from that square that for a few days seems to be the capital of Italy.

Well, Stefano Puzzer is the kind of person who sits down to have a beer quietly with someone like me, to exchange four words, including the news that this morning he was given a supply of salami from the Marche. Not to mention his port brothers, with whom I had to insist a lot to be able to offer the round of glasses just ordered. These are people used to being themselves: pure, honest, simple and true. They do something they believe in and they won’t stop believing until they get it. Simple. Without ifs and buts.

The green pass must be abolished for all workers, it must not exist in order to exercise their profession, their work. Point. Simple.

For this the dockers have been able to awaken an entire nation. For this reason, all the Italian squares have finally joined the protest and are organizing themselves to carry it out until the purpose is achieved. For this reason the dinosaurs who are in Rome will be forced to revise all their plans.

Because we are simple. They don’t.

They are twisted, ambitious, Machiavellian, trained to climb mirrors, to express themselves in politics, to say everything and the opposite of everything. Stubborn to live out of reality. Perched in their palaces.
Unattainable. Protected, escorted, armored.
The world has changed and they haven’t noticed.
Italy is transforming itself at an unstoppable speed and they are sitting in an armchair.
We are drinking a beer, they are planning who knows what cumbersome countermeasures.
There is no escape for them. We will win.

Simplicity, purity, honesty will win. The cleaning of that part of the Italians that has awakened and will do everything to bring with it even the sleepers, the suspicious ones. The awakening started from Trieste, with that pinch of madness that only this city can offer. Now it has started to spread throughout Italy and can no longer be stopped.

Trieste will be in every square and every square will have its Stefano Puzzer.
This is why we will win: because we get together to have a beer. They don’t.

Saverio Zeni

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