Football challenge between Italy and Afghanistan, integration wins in Calendasco

When you are forced to abandon your home and friends, losing all your points of reference in a matter of hours, it can help to recover a daily life made up of small things. See your children go back to school, for example, where they make new friends thanks to the spontaneity of children and a football match. This is the experience that the 11 Afghan refugees hosted in Calendasco since last September are living in the structure managed by the Il Quadrifoglio cooperative. Around them, thanks to the coordination carried out by the mayor Filippo Zangrandi, a great team effort was made to facilitate their integration into a community destined to be their home for the next few months.

In Calendasco there is only one of the two families who arrived in recent weeks: they are 11 people, with four children, two of whom are of school age. For them, thanks to the funds raised by the Red Cross, it was possible to make available a cultural mediator of Iranian origin who helps them, for 20 hours a week, to fit in better at school, where they both attend third class. To start off on the right foot, an Italy – Afghanistan match was organized upon their arrival at school, taking advantage of the long wave of a summer full of sports to break the ice and immediately make friends. For adults (they are aged between 18 and 42 years), Italian courses have been activated, in the morning thanks to the adult training center in Piacenza, and in the afternoon thanks to the Building School, in order to accompany them to the better in a path that also sees the approach to a different society, and in which everyone is participating with great interest.

All these activities were presented at the press conference by the mayor Zangrandi, together with the principal Elena Walk, Alessandro Guidotti, president of the Red Cross, Matteo Raffi director of the Building School e Cristina Bianchi, director of the Building School, Sara Motta teacher of the course promoted by the training institution.

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