Found Milky, the dog lost by the owner while being robbed in Rome

The patrol of the Local Police of the “ex Trevi” Group I who was carrying out the usual security service near the Termini station, alerted by a citizen of the presence of a dog wandering lost, intervened to rescue the little one, who took refuge inside of a commercial activity in the area.

Milky, the Jack Russel, scared but in good condition, was taken to the headquarters in via della Greca, where the agents of the Environmental Protection Department immediately activated, providing him with water and food and filling him with all the affection necessary to reassure him. Without a microchip collar, the white helmets have started a series of investigations in an attempt to track down the owner.

Thanks to an accurate analysis on the network and a careful monitoring of the ads for lost animals, it was possible to trace the owner, who had published a notice on the social channels following the loss of her Milky, which occurred the night before. The young, 22-year-old Italian, was walking with the baby when she was robbed and, while trying to defend herself from the attacker, she had lost her little dog.

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