“He had a Green pass as a swab”

“He had a Green pass as a swab”
“He had a Green pass as a swab”

A professor of Bologna not vaccinated tested positive for Covid bringing, as reported by the Corriere di Bologna, 300 students to the Dad. Distance learning was necessary to impose quarantine on all contacts and specifically on four classes that later became eight. It happened at the Farini schools in Bologna. The teacher would be regularly in the chair with Green pass obtained with swabs.


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After finding the positivity, the screening started and the first people to whom the teacher could have transmitted the virus are two teachers. Hence the extension of the precautionary measures to four other classes, which will be swabbed by Monday. Of the 300 children left at home and in Dad, “a hundred are in quarantine, the vaccinated will be able to return soon if their swab is negative,” explains the head teacher Filomena Massaro.


Green pass swab

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