street task force

street task force
street task force

By Christmas, the city doesn’t just need to be cleared of garbage and weeds. In the first hundred days of his mandate Roberto Gualtieri will set up another task force against degradation: an ad hoc team and an extraordinary plan to plug the holes and redo the asphalt of the large consular as well as of the more peripheral streets. And in this direction the first step is a resolution to be approved (perhaps) already at the first council to inject up to one hundred million more for extraordinary maintenance.

The investigation

The disastrous conditions of the streets of the capital have also captured the attention of foreign newspapers. The Codacons, a few years ago, calculated that in Rome there is a hole every 15 meters. The Prosecutor’s Office in piazzale Clodio has opened an investigation to find out where they ended up and how the funds allocated from 2014 to today were used: according to the investigators, the Capitol did not use even half of the amount collected from the maintenance fines, as foreseen the law. Virginia Raggi has claimed to have put 800 million kilometers of roads in her mandate, but in her council investments in this direction have never exceeded sixty million a year for the maintenance of large consular posts. If that weren’t enough, the framework agreement that guaranteed repairs to major roads expired at the beginning of October.

The situation

It is chaos and Gualtieri repeated it to the point of boredom in the electoral campaign: «The situation on the roads is dramatic. I have studied the budgets of the last administration and they spend too little and badly: it is as if they were patching after patching. An extraordinary restructuring plan is needed and the ordinary one must be planned and carried out, not the so-called “romanella”, that is, a 2-meter carpet ». That said, the new mayor has already indicated where to find resources. As for ordinary maintenance, he is convinced that already today “the budget of the Municipality of Rome can guarantee an ordinary plan”. As regards the interventions of an extraordinary nature, the former Minister of Economy is also ready to draw from the “resources of the Jubilee”. In the program of the center left the indications that the Gualtieri junta wants to follow are clear. In the first place, looking at the extraordinary maintenance chapter, we look at an injection of about 100 million of the resources destined both to the so-called “great road network”, that of the main arteries directly leading to the Capitol, and to the streets of the Municipalities. On the latter front, the idea is already to increase funding by approximately 200 million also for ordinary management in the first years of the mandate. Consequently, the existing funds are to be doubled.

Private individuals and tenders

The center-left Capitol projects do not only look at funding: the goal is to create a new governance to manage this activity. First of all, a due diligence will start shortly on all open tenders both at central and municipal level. At Simu, “a technostructure for the functions of contracting station and control in the management of contracts” will be born, while “an office dedicated to coordination with all those involved in road and subsoil excavations: public service companies, municipalities, traffic police will be opened. , taking into account the territorial articulation of the city ”, exploiting the Total Facility Management model to make all the different levels of private firms dialogue. Also at the Simu will be formed teams of employees to control the quality of the work. On the front of tenders, to overcome the current parcel, we finally look to divide the city into four quadrants for the stipulation of framework agreements with companies, which will then directly manage the Municipalities.



street task force

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