car held hostage by the Paganese fans

Shame, indignation, disgust… we could not use other terms to define what happened on the highway that leads from Avellino to Salerno; in the territory of Montoro. According to what has been learned, some fans of the Paganese, after having witnessed the match of Partenio-Lombardi this afternoon, have created many problems for the circulation of cars.

An unprecedented and absolutely unjustified violence

The “fans”, armed with bars, attacked other cars which, for about half an hour, remained hostage on a highway. To get the worst of a man who has seen the windows of the car destroyed by the mobsters. The steering wheels of the traffic police promptly intervened on the spot and also an ambulance to help the unfortunate motorist. Also present were the carabinieri and the Digos. It will now be up to the agents to reconstruct the exact dynamics of what happened and to give a name and a face to those responsible for a similar and reckless violence.


car held hostage Paganese fans

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