25-year-old mountaineer dies on the via ferrata delle Aquile in Paganella: Aronne Bettoni crashed for hundreds of meters

Aronne Bettoni, 25 year old mountaineer, from Cocoon, in the province of Mantua, died on Saturday during an excursion on the Ferrata delle Aquile in Paganella, in Trentino. The young hiker fell for about 400 meters from the south face of Paganella and, according to an initial reconstruction, he had just started the via ferrata when he lost his grip, ending up in the Battisti gully. With him there were also two excursion companions. The immediate intervention of the rescuers arrived on the spot with a helicopter rescue is useless.

The alarm at 112 was raised around 11.40 on Saturday morning from several hikers who witnessed the accident, as reported by Il Dolomiti, seeing the boy fall and disappear in the vegetation under the via ferrata. The Trentino Emergenza helicopter and the operators of the Fai della Paganella station are on site. In a few minutes the helicopter identified the body of the 25-year-old: the rescuer, having reached the boy, could not help but ascertain his death. Then the body was recovered and transported by helicopter to Fai della Paganella. The two hikers with him were also safely transferred to Fai della Paganella.

At the same point, on February 23 last year, a 33-year-old mountaineer from Parma had also lost his life. The Via Ferrata delle Aquile was built a couple of years ago and is one of the most popular routes in Trentino for expert climbers. It is a decidedly challenging route, all overhanging that crosses the Paganella, which includes a double spiral staircase suspended in the void and two Tibetan bridges of high difficulty.

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