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Imagine yourself with a white coat and a microscope in your hand, as you are about to examine, from the top of your privileged position, that imposing pulsating cell that is the city of Milano.

What you can see on your giant slide are over a million swarming, ever-moving inhabitants frolicking through streets, parks, shops, homes, skyscrapers and health facilities.

Watchwords: health and prevention

Yeah, too health facilities… these are fundamental, because the well-being of a city in constant growth and of this size also implies an equally extensive attention to health and prevention, for the concrete well-being of every citizen.

So, tighten your lens and focus on what has all the appearance of a new reference point in the city in terms of laboratory medicine, fundamental precisely in the prevention and in identifying potential problems with salute.

In Milan, a new clinical analysis center

Point your colossal microscope on Viale della Moscova, press on number 22 and there it is, the brand new center of the Lifebrain Group, the largest provider of laboratory diagnostics for private patients, companies and health facilities, able to offer laboratory medicine services in all areas of clinical analysis, complete and customized.

Who is not of Milano, chances are you’ve already heard of Lifebrain and who has also already had the opportunity to appreciate the services for the very high level of professionalism and excellence that distinguishes the Group and for the cutting-edge technologies used in its laboratories.

A few figures are enough to give you an idea of ​​what Lifebrain has done and can still do in Italy:

• The extensive network throughout the Peninsula to date has 360 offices in 17 regions
• More than 1,567 employees are engaged in the Group’s activities
• Lifebrain carries out more than 25 million exams every year
• More than 1,500 analytes are tested in 4 regional hubs and special laboratories

Numbers that show how Lifebrain has all the credentials to establish itself even in the big one Milano, where the Group not only intends to remain on a permanent basis, but is already planning to open new offices, so as to ensure proximity and excellence to an increasingly large slice of the population, which will benefit from its range. complete with analyzes, personalized check-ups, prevention screening, Health & Wellness, Nutrigenetics and Sport & Performance genetic tests, designed for the well-being of every citizen.

So, it’s time to turn off the microscope, take off the white coat and return with your feet on the ground to tread the streets of your city. The management, to reach the laboratories of Lifebrain in viale della Moscova 22, now you know it.

For more information on the Milano Moscova Clinical Analysis Center, you can consult the website.

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