Judicial earthquake on the armed forces. General Vecciarelli under investigation

He was about to retire, but first comes the guarantee notice with corruption charges. It does not happen to just any figure, but to General Enzo Vecciarelli, the current Defense Chief of Staff. La Verità writes it at the opening today, with Giacomo Amadori explaining that Vecciarelli would have received some illicit benefits, at least according to the investigators who were working on other figures but who came across his name from the statements of an arrested businesswoman.

Operation Minerva, General Vecciarelli also appears

All this is part of the so-called Minerva operation, born in July 2020 with 31 precautionary measures that revealed a system of bribes and corruption in the procurement of supplies to the army, the carabinieri and the financial police for a total of 18.5 million euros. . “Three soldiers ended up under house arrest: a former inspector general of the Air Force, a colonel of the Air Force and a brigadier of the Guardia di Finanza. Four were suspended from service”. explains The Truth. Minister Lorenzo Guerini defined the Defense as the injured party.

Investigations have continued and are now ready for closure. The surprise, as reported by the Truth, is the involvement of Vecciarelli, who will retire on November 5, after the statements of an entrepreneur who would have helped to rebuild the functioning of the system. “The prosecutors and the men of the state police have traced back to two companies that produce clothing and which would have also given clothes to Vecciarelli. The accusation of bribery would therefore be linked to clothes worth a few tens of thousands of euros or perhaps even lower. “, writes Amadori. “Small change for those who can count on five-figure salaries”.

But the fact remains that the investigation risks causing landslides in the armed forces. Vecciarelli, appointed in 2018 by the first Conte government, will give way to Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone.


Judicial earthquake armed forces General Vecciarelli investigation

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