Municipality 9 of Milan: degradation due to the railways?

Degradation in the open air Municipality 9 of Milan, in Largo Desio, with pans, boilers, suitcases and other rubbish on display. The complaint comes from a private citizen (here the link with a lot of photos) who also complains about the inefficiency in removing the ugly things that can be seen.

Municipality 9 of Milan, the public decay of Largo Desio

The report specifies how everything has already been notified to the same Municipality 9 of Milan via email, but as yet there has not been a solution to the problem to date. In the attached pictures you can see a bit of everything ‘parked’ inside a green area: pans, but also a boiler, advertising cartons, suitcases and other rubbish: “To date, the situation is getting worse as garbage is it is accumulating and still no one is intervening »reads.

Is it all the fault of Ferrovie dello Stato?

The denunciation of the private citizen continues: «From what has been ascertained the responsibility lies with the State Railways which, however, do not intervene: what must be done to clean up the affected area? “. We confidently await a response, both from Ferrovie dello Stato and from the new Municipality 9 of Milan, which has recently taken office following the municipal elections of last October 3-4 that year. confirmed the center-left junta led by the Mayor Beppe Sala.


Municipality Milan degradation due railways

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